Okay, a second look at the election.

So now that I have looked into the election a little harder, I am changing some of the options.

Mike Richardson- I’m not quite sure what it is but Mike seems to have a well thought out plan, no dirt and the just has a personality that one would pay attention to as mayor.

Councillor At Large:

Danny Jardine- I remember Danny from the last election he was one of thise people that are deeply rooted in the social aspects of the community, like Donny Snook, that understanf the poverty aspect of the city but is that enough, I’m adding this name to my shortlist because the list of candidates that I get to choose from is so pathetic, I think ward 4 might just have the worst turnout than any other part of this city.

Mark LeBlanc- A maybe

Rick Mantle- I thinke this one could make council a little interesting.

Chris Titus- This one is a definate vote, many of my favourite memories of council involve this fellow, expecially back in the Shirly days. I like that Chris is involved in the community not affraid to expess new ideas, and knows the when a horse is being flogged too long.

Councillor Ward 4:

I don’t seem to think that any of these people would be benifitial at the moment on the council chamber, this is one of the reasons that I was so oposed to the entire ward sistem is that the east is the area where no one that matters seems to ever run.

District Education Council District 1

Sub District 9: No one is running

District Education Council District 8

Zone A: Acclaimed

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