Empty Stocking Fund 2008

$167,000. That number is the value of the pledges being made today at the 2008 Empty Stocking Fund. It was a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of work. It seemed as if at the beginning that it was going to be a nightmare, but the number of pure professionals that came together … Continue reading "Empty Stocking Fund 2008"


So, I have been covering curling on Rogers Television lately and I find myself becoming attached to the sport. So the job hunt seems to be going well. It seems easier this time than in the past. I’m going to go see "Meet the Spartans" tonight I’ve been waiting to see that for a while. … Continue reading "HAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!"

Making a TV Show

Note: This article was originally written for Journalism 2023 Journalistic Writing in November 2002. The 50th Annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade comes around for another year. This was a difficult production for producer Don Ferguson to organize volunteers. In addition, the float list was only available late on Friday afternoon. Three hours before the … Continue reading "Making a TV Show"