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  • Deaf Difficulties (one of two: General Difficulties)

    This was written in the early 2000’s this segment was recorded over and I no longer have the video. It originally aired on Rogers Television on a news program called Focus NB.

    Lead: There are many disabilities faced by New Brunswickers. One of the most noticeable is cultural deafness. Our Reporter Charles Frees-Melvin brings us the difficulties faced by the Deaf in day-to-day life.

    Stand-up: Deafness is a condition faced by several hundred residents in this province. Many people are unaware of some of the difficulties faced by these people. Gerald Frazee stressed that the biggest concern is the need of interpreters to be present.

    Gerald: (48:47-48:59) 12 sec

    “Culturally I am deaf and a lot of what goes on in the world I perceive with my eyes, so probably the biggest concern for me would to make sure interpreters are present”

    VO: Mr. Frazee can’t stress enough the troubles he would faces trying to cope with day-to-day life without an interpreter.

    Gerald: (49:08-49:21) 13 sec

    “Oh, Gosh it’s chaos, the communication breaks down, writing back and forth isn’t adequate enough only having an interpreter there are we able to interpret adequately.”

    VO: Joanne Burke also agrees with the need for interpreters.

    Joanne: (49:24-49:55) 31 sec

    “Without the interpreter present I have to rely fully on my Children, and it’s not their responsibility they’re not professionally trained so we have to hire a professionally trained interpreter. and then we can communicate and make designs that we need. For us English is our second language, and not necessarily do we know it so by having the interpreter present, being able to communicate in our language of American sign language we have the confidence to make the decision we need to make.”

    VO: Another difficulty is the lack of Public Tele-Type devices so the deaf can make phone calls. Mike Clark definitely thinks that stores and malls should be equipped with these devices for their deaf patrons.

    Mike: (59:15-59:41) 26 sec

    “A lot of deaf people go into stores or into companies and they have absolutely no devices for us to make phone calls. We must have a teletypewriter. It is a device that deaf people use to make phone calls we need to make in public.”

    VO: (Insert Name) and (Insert Name) say they want to see devices installed so that they can become more independent. And that New Brunswick is far behind other provinces in meeting their needs.

    Group 3: (04:29-05:21) 52 sec.

    “In Ontario they have a lot of services for deaf individuals, flashing alarms for fire in public places, TTY to make calls. When they are in the public however in Saint John there is nothing isn’t anything like that for deaf people, no fire alarms, TTY, every time I have to go to the mall, I have to get a hearing person to make a call for me, but I want to be independent. I don’t want to have to rely on someone else.”

    Stand up: A special thanks to Interpreter Shelly Williams for assisting us with the interpretations. In Saint John, I’m Charles Frees-Melvin, for Focus NB.

  • SJ Common Council Intro

  • IG: TV Posts

    IG: TV Posts

  • StartUp Weekend Saint John

    StartUp Weekend Saint John

    As most of you know I have volunteered at ROGERS tv for going on 19 years. Bi-weekly there is a talk show that I work on called What Matters most. A few weeks ago the had someone on as a guest from the Momentum Group to talk about a then-upcoming event for a Startup Weekend. Long story short that episode didn’t make it to air and was instead put on YouTube. Therefore you can watch the following 13-minute interview to get the idea of what it is about.

    Or not… I guess I can tell you what it is about.

    The premise is that you pay money for a ticket and choose if you are a Developer (can code), Designer (can design stuff), or Other (smart person, marketing person, money person, et cetera). Then on Friday you show up raid the buffet spread, socialize, network, and assess the competition.

    Then you get to listen to speeches, “The is is how the weekend is going to go down”, “we love business”, “entrepreneurs are awesome”, “there are so many services you have never probably heard of that you are going to get a taste of”, “your community needs you”, and lastly “who has an idea!”.

    This is the first taste of the opportunity where you get to line up and present and possible idea, everyone claps for you presenting your idea, then you walk off to write your idea down on a big piece of paper and stick it on the wall. After all the ideas are presented comes the fun. Everyone in the room goes an puts a post-it note on the idea they like. Then the top several ideas get selected and then they get moved around the room that the idea person stood beside their idea and if you liked their idea you could join their idea team. If an idea had at least 3 people it was then a team.

    We then spent a few hours planning out the idea. Then we went to socialize at a special after-hours gathering at the new Saint John Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club.

    The next morning we arrived to have a light breakfast. Then go off to work. It was this portion of the day where we got to choose the local business people and entrepreneurs we would talk to in a type of speed-dating to understand our idea and it’s potential best future best. Of course, we then had an amazing lunch. Then back to work on the afternoon working on the business plan, the supporting market research, prototypes of ideas, and to build a blow-away presentation for the next day. Then a large supper arrived and it was back to work into the night.

    The next morning involves a lot of fine-tuning the presentation, and practice of the presentation. Our group used Prezi for the presentation and there were a few points where we had to add a few seconds of fill to transition the topics for the visual animations that done well, nails the presentation and, not appearing to be filler.

    Then we got to do a test presentation and got some great feedback from the event organizers. Using the feedback it just made the presentation stronger. Then lunch arrived I think this one was from Toro Tacos and it was a rice bowl that was incredible.

    Then it was presentation time. This was the first time I ever used a presenter button (or TV term GPI) it is so much better than hitting the arrow keys on a laptop and makes it easier to present. After the presentation, I was relieved that that was it. Now to listen to the other presentations. There were nine teams in total with prizes for the first, second and third place teams.

    When the third place team was announced, I was a little surprised. The criteria I thought of that would make a great idea was not what the judges looked for. There were great but impractical ideas in the pack, some that when it went from the idea Friday night took a turn for the worst. Then there was some that got a whole thot better after research. The thirds place idea was one of those and in reflection well deserved and was championed by someone truly invested in the limitless potential of their idea.

    My team won second place and again I was in shock not because I didn’t believe our idea but because I had spent the last hour being won over by some of the other ideas.

    Then when the first place was announced it was definitely the one I expected. I’ll link to a CBC interview on the winning idea.

    After the awards it was a bit more, socializing, networking, and business talk on where the ideas can go from there.

    There is going to be another one in Saint John hopefully in the Spring, and there is going to be one the first weekend of November in Fredericton.

  • QMJHL Semi-finals Game 2

    QMJHL Semi-finals Game 2

    Tonight I decided to go see a Sea Dogs game at Harbour Station. If it goes poorly this could be the last game of the year at Harbour Station. Perhaps with all the hockey I’ve done recently on Rogers TV, this is rehab. Even Christina Rogers was here.

    The game is starting out very tense, there should be some penalties soon. Although there are slot of people here there are many empty seats. Yeap, there was a tripping penalty and the Tigres have a power play heading into the 2nd Half of the first period. Now the Tigre have a penalty and the Sea Dogs will get a power play in a minute.

  • Game 7 Moncton (HNB) 3 vs. Saint John (Host) 3

    Game 7 Moncton (HNB) 3 vs. Saint John (Host) 3

    In the first period of play, the first half was rather uneventful until the eight-minute mark that set off a string of penalties until Vito’s #4 Jamie Bishop scored a power-play goal at 14:05. The shots were fairly even with an 8-7 lead for Moncton at the end of the period.

    The second-period action went well for the Vito’s as they manage to take two goals twenty seconds apart with Matt Bursey at 5:42 and Jordan Bruce at 6:02. The latter causing the Flyers to switch goaltenders and Aaron Hamilton #31 took over from Scott Cale #29.

    The third-period action definitely changed the face or this game as the Moncton Flyers came back with a goal early in the period at 0:27 by Pierre Durepos, followed shortly after by Alex Saulnier at 3:58. Then following a hard fought game just as Vito’s fans were starting to enjoy their victory when at 19:58 Allain Saulnier scored the final goal leaving this the only tied game so far at 3-3. The final shots on goal were 21-17 favouring Moncton.

    Action will resume with the final 3 round-robin games starting with Cornwall at St. John’s at 9 am then at 12:30 pm Saint John at Cole Harbour, to be webcast live here at Finishing off the day will be Moncton at Cornwall at 3:30 pm, that will be covered live and then repeated at 7 pm on Rogers TV.

    Home Team: Saint John Vito’s (Host)

    Away Team: Moncton Flyers (HNB)

    Start Time: 8 pm

    Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

    Referee: TBD

    Linesmen: TBD


    Host12 0 0 0 3
    HNB 0 0 3 0 0 3

    Shots on Goal

    Host755 0 0 17
    HNB867 0 0 21


    First Period

    14:05 Host- Jamie Bishop #4 – Unassisted PPG

    Second Period

    5:42 Host- Matt Bursey #20 Assist- Josh Carter #19 and Jamie Bishop #4

    6:02 Host- Jordan Bruce #18 Assist- Jared Hicks #10 and Jamie Bishop #4

    Third Period

    0:27 HNB- Pierre Durepos #23 – Unassisted

    3:58 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Allain Saulnier #19

    19:58 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 Assist- Alex Saulnier #21


    First Period

    8:06 Host- Josh Carter #19 – Hooking (2:00)

    11:38 HNB- Alexander Scully #4 – Hooking (2:00)

    12:19 HNB- Sawyer Hannah #27 – Cross Checking (2:00)

    12:43 HNB- Tyrone Sock #3 – Roughing after the Whistle (2:00)

    Second Period

    14:55 Host- Joslin Gallant #25 – Elbowing (2:00)

    18:25 Allain Saulnier #19 – Hooking (2:00)

    Third Period

    12:47 Host- Cody Kennedy #11 – Slashing (2:00)

    13:10 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 – Hooking (2:00)

    Team MVP Awards

    Home: #4 Jamie Bishop

    Away: #27 Sawyer Hannay

  • Game 6: Cole Harbour (HNS) 2 @ St. John’s (HNL) 5

    Early in the first period it did not take the Fog Devils long to show the direction the game was going to take. Upon 0:23 into the game Zach O’Brian sunk the games first goal against McCains goaltender Ben Clark. Although Clark’s attempt should not dissmissed as he protected the net from 10 more shots as the Fog Devils only managed to get one more past him as Ryan Walsh #4 scored the periods second and Final goal.

    The second period was definitely a “Featuring the Fog Devils” kind of period as all the goals and penalties featured the Fog Devils. St. John’s sunk 3 goals past the McCains starting with Michael Cole’s at the 0:13 second mark, followed by Zach O’Brien’s second game goal at 7:35 and the final from Andrew Ryan at 13:24. However all the penalties resulted in a 12-8 reversal for Cole Harbour in the shots on goal numbers.

    Third period play was very even in shots on goal and penalties however Cole Harbour attempted to make a comeback with two close together goals midway through the period. The goals were by Christopher Riguse #11 at 9:15 and Tyler Doyle #14 at 10:48. Shots on goal were 26-21 favouring the Fog Devils.

    Returning after two hard fought victories today, this evening’s game will be the “Battle of New Brunswick” with Moncton Flyers (HNB) taking on the hometown Saint John Vito’s (Host) at 8pm. The game will be broadcast live on Rogers TV and Saturday @ 6pm on 96.1 NewSong FM.

    Home Team: St. John’s Fog Devils (HNL)

    Away Team: Cole Harbour McCains (HNS)

    Start Time: 5pm

    Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

    Referee: TBD

    Linesmen: TBD


    1 2 3 OT SO Total
    HNL 2 3

    Shots on Goal

    1 2 3 OT SO Total
    HNL 12 8
    HNS 3 12


    First Period

    0:23 HNL- Zach O’Brien #9 Assist- Michael Cole #16

    13:11 HNL- Ryan Walsh #4 Assist- Dylan Sheldon #6 and Robert Cahill #22 PPG

    Second Period

    0:13 HNL-  Michael Cole #16 Assist- Zach O’Brien #9

    7:34 HNL- Zach O’Brien #9 Assist- Andrew Ryan #19 and Rodney Mahoney #18

    13:24 HNL- Andrew Ryan #19 Assist- Zach O’Brien #9 and Steve Gillard #44

    Third Period

    9:15 HNS- Christopher Riguse #11 Assist-Dane McPhee #16 and Michael Clarke #19

    10:48 HNS- Tyler Doyle #14 Assist- Brendan Duke #20 and Mitchell Maynard #4


    First Period

    4:02 HNL- Andrew Sullivan #24 – Elbowing (2:00)

    13:28 HNS- Tyler Doyle #14 – Holding (2:00)

    16:54 HNS- Brett Baker #3 – High Sticking (2:00)

    17:48 HNS- Matthew English #15 – Elbowing (2:00)

    Second Period

    5:16 HNL- Andrew Sullivan #24 – Cross Checking (2:00)

    9:05 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 – Tripping (2:00)

    13:47 HNL- Cody Squires #10 – Kneeing (2:00)

    14:23 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 – Slashing (2:00)

    Third Period

    12:03 HNL- Mitchell Martin #15 – Hooking (2:00)

    12:47 HNS- Brandon Duke #20 – Cross Checking (2:00)

    18:24 HNS- Tyler Doyle #14 – Cross Checking (2:00)

    18:24 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 – Interference (2:00)

    Team MVP Awards

    Home: #9 Zach O’Brien

    Away: #17 J. P. Harvey

  • Game 5: Saint John (Host) 2 @ Cornwall (HPEI) 1

    Game 5: Saint John (Host) 2 @ Cornwall (HPEI) 1

    Although the first period was played very disciplined by the Vito’s the period’s action began before the puck even dropped as Cornwall’s Dylan McGuigan #19 received an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. The game was played very fast albeit very light on the shots on goal with 4 a piece and none successful.

    It did not take much however in the second period for the Vito’s Matt Bursey to land the only goal of the second period at 0:36. The true hero of the period was Vito’s goaltender Matthew Murphy who covered 8 amazing saves, many from point-blank range.

    Through out the third period, the Vito’s had a difficult time staying out of the penaly box resulting in the final goal at the end of the period to break the shout-out by Cornwall’s Darcy Ashley at 19:53. the Vito’s had just taken a 2-0 lead prior to that goal by #22 Aidan Kelly at 18:32, which unfortunately resulted in Matt Bursey heading to the dressing room with an injury after providing an assist to the Kelly goal.  The saving graces for the Vito’s in this game seemed to be Matthew Murphy at goal after an inspirational turnaround based on his tough playoff series against the Moncton Flyers. The shots on goal for the game were 20-13 favouring Cornwall.

    Great hockey action continues here at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John later today at 5pm with Cole Harbour and St. John’s (HNL). Returning after two hard-fought victories today, this evening’s game will be the “Battle of New Brunswick” with Moncton Flyers (HNB) taking on the hometown Saint John Vito’s (Host) at 8 pm. The game will be broadcast live on Rogers TV and Saturday @ 6 pm on 96.1 NewSong FM.

    Home Team: Cornwall Thunder (HPEI)

    Away Team: Saint John Vito’s (Host)

    Start Time: 1:30pm

    Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

    Referee: TBD

    Linesmen: TBD


    HPEI 0 0 1 0 0 1
    Host01 1 0 0 2

    Shots on Goal

    HPEI48 8 0 0 20
    Host44 5 0 0 13


    First Period

    No Goals

    Second Period

    0:36 Host- Matt Bursey #20 – Unassisted

    Third Period

    18:32 Host- Aidan Kelly #22 Assist- Matt Bursey #20

    19:53 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 Assist- Jordan Costello #11 PPG


    First Period

    0:00 HPEI- Dylan McGuigan #19 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct (2:00)

    8:51 HPEI- Matt Myers #22 – Tripping (2:00)

    14:50 HPEI- Isaack MacDonald #8 – Tripping (2:00)

    Second Period

    9:09 Host- Jordan Bruce #18 – Hooking (2:00)

    Third Period

    0:20 MacKenzie Kierstead #2 – Interference (2:00)

    4:04 Cody Kennedy #11 – Hooking (2:00)

    8:46 Robert Green #25 – Slashing (2:00)

    Team MVP Awards

    Home: Brent Andrews #9

    Away: Matthew Murphy #30

  • Game 4: Cole Harbour 1 vs. Moncton 4

    Game 4: Cole Harbour 1 vs. Moncton 4

    Late in the first-period, the Moncton Flyers (HNB) took on an early first-period lead with a goal by Allain Saulnier. There was solid goaltending at both ends and was definitely a fast and physical first period.

    In the second period , the heavy physical play continued resulting in 5 penalties the most notable coming late in the period when Moncton’s Nick Smith was removed from the game and issued a game misconduct for hitting from behind. Then Cole Harbour’s Michael Crowley took advantage of this by 1:27 later sinking a power-play goal at 17:48.

    The third-period action was not disappointing for Moncton (HNB) as the period started with Cole Harbour’s Jarett Johns being removed from the game for Hitting from Behind. Then later Moncton’s Tyrone Sock took advantage of a 4 on 4 to sink the tie-breaking goal at 11:47, resulting in a power play in which he sunk a power-play goal at 12:15. Then near the end of the game, Cole Harbour’s Jordon Mock was ejected for High Sticking (2:00), Unsportsmanlike Conduct (2:00), and a Game Misconduct (10:00). Moncton’s Allain Saulnier took advantage of this to sink his second goal of the game during the power play at 19:43. The shots on goal for the game were 22-12 favouring Moncton.

    Great hockey action continues here at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John later today with Saint John (Host) vs. Cornwall (HPEI) at 1:30 pm, then Cole Harbour returns at 5 pm to take on St. John’s (HNL). Finishing off the evening will be the “Battle of New Brunswick” with Moncton (HNB) vs. Saint John (Host) at 8 pm to be broadcast live on Rogers TV and Saturday @ 6 pm on NewSong FM.

    Home Team: Moncton Flyers (HNB)

    Away Team: Cole Harbour McCains (HNS)

    Start Time: 10am

    Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

    Referee: TBD

    Linesmen: TBD


    HNB1 0 3 0 0 4
    HNS 0 1 0 0 0 1

    Shots on Goal

    HNB6 7 9 0 0 22
    HNS4 3 5 0 0 12


    First Period

    18:56 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 Assist- Alex Saulnier #21

    Second Period

    17:48 HNS- Michael Crowley #21 Assist- Theodore Hannah #6 PPG

    Third Period

    11:47 HNB- Tyrone Sock #3 Assist- Allain Saunier #19

    12:15 HNB- Tyrone Sock #3 Assist- Alex Saulnier #21 and Jean-Marc Legere #16

    19:43 HNB- Allain Saunier #19 Assist- Gino Goguen #12 and Pierre Durepos #23


    First Period

    3:58 HNS- Regean Martin #11 – Holding (2:00)

    12:49 HNS- Alexander Scully #4 – Tripping (2:00)

    Second Period

    4:31 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 – Holding (2:00)

    8:47 HNS- Dane McPhee #16 – Illegal Equipment (2:00)

    11:48 HNB- Christan Garland #10 – Interference (2:00)

    13:26 HNS- Jordan Mock #8 – Roughing (2:00)

    16:21 HNB- Nick Smith #24 – Hitting from Behind (2:00 + Game Misconduct)

    Third Period

    3:05 HNS- Jarret John #5 – Hitting from Behind (2:00 + Game  Misconduct)

    9:49 HNB- Jean-Marc Leger #16 – Holding (2:00)

    10:31 HNS- Christopher Riguse #11 – Cross Checking (2:00)

    15:38 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Tripping (2:00)

    18:57 HNS- Jordan Mock #8 – High Sticking (2:00) / Unsportsmanlike Conduct (2:00) / Game Misconduct (10:00)

    Team MVP Awards

    Home: Tyrone Sock #3

    Away: Theodore Hannah #6

  • Game 3: St. John’s 5 @ Saint John 2

    Game 3: St. John’s 5 @ Saint John 2

    If an image could say a thousand words than all you need is this first picture to describe this 1st period here tonight at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink. The Fog Devils coming from their tired first game loss, left Saint John behind with a 3-1 score at the end of the 1st period St. John’s goals were by Michael Cole (x2) and Robert Cale with one goal by Vito’s Greg Edgecome.

    In the second period action the Fog Devils (Gillard) and Vito’s (Carter) end the period one goal a peace. However the Fog Devils were out-shot. (8-6) Will this mean the Fog Devils have run out of steam to keep their 4-2 lead? Only the 3rd period will tell.

    Despite being almost 2-1 out-shot in the third period the Fog Devils not only managed to hold on to their lead, but increased it with a final fifth goal (Bussey) late in the 5th period.

    Play continues tomorrow starting with Cole Harbour (HNS) vs. Moncton (HNB) at 10am, followed by Saint John (Host) vs. Cornwall (HPEI) at 1:30pm, then Cole Harbour returns at 5pm to take on St. John’s (HNL). Finishing off the evening will be the “Battle of New Brunswick” with Moncton (HNB) vs. Saint John (Host) at 8pm to be broadcast live on Rogers TV and Saturday @ 6pm on NewSong FM.

    Home Team: Saint John Vito’s (Host)

    Away Team: St. John’s Fog Devils (HPEI)

    Start Time: 8pm

    Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

    Referee: Ryan Murphy

    Linesmen: Michael Homer


    Host11 0 0 0 2
    HNL311 0 0 5

    Shots on Goal

    Host6812 0 0 26
    HNL 10 67 0 0 23


    First Period

    0:32 HNL- Michael Cole #16 Assist- Andrew Ryan #19

    1:42 Host- Greg Edgecombe #14 Assist- Mike Richard #9 and Andrew Dolan #16

    6:47 HNL- Michael Cole #16 (Unassisted) PPG

    13:23 HNL- Robert Cale #22 Assist- Mitchell Martin #15

    Second Period

    6:50 Host- Josh Carter #19 Assist- Robert Green #25

    17:47 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 Assist- Andrew Sullivan #24 and Ryan Walsh #4 PPG

    Third Period

    16:17 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 Assist- Cody Squires #10 and Marcus Power#8


    First Period

    2:55 Host- Jared Hicks #10 – interference (2:00)

    4:48 Host- Robert Green #25 – interference (2:00) / Slashing (2:00)

    7:30 Host- Jordan Bruce #18 – Cross-Checking (2:00)

    10:39 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 – Tripping (2:00)

    Second Period

    4:25 Host- Robert Green #25 – Slashing (2:00)

    7:06 Host- Matt Bursey #20- Slashing (2:00)

    11:30 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 – Tripping (2:00)

    12:12 HNL- Ryan Walsh #4 – Hooking (2:00)

    16:42 Host- Aidan Kelly #22 – interference (2:00)

    16:42 HNL- Cody Squires #10 – Delay of Game (5:00)

    16:42 Host- Matt Bursey #20 – Delay of Game (5:00)

    Third Period

    0:55 Host- Robert Green #25 – Holding (2:00)

    2:23 HNL- John Bursey #2 – Roughing (2:00)

    4:46 HNL- Zach O’Brien #9 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct Diving (2:00)

    15:03 Host- Cody Kennedy #11 – Tripping (2:00)

    17:46 HNL- Jacob Pitcher #11 – Slashing (2:00)

    Team MVP Awards



  • Farewell to 2008

    2008, as you are bidding us ado for the uncertanties of what 2009 will have instore. I am going to take a moment to reflect on the times we had togeather as we prepare to spit on your grave upon your death this evening. Unless we are of the 45% that will pass out before your death.

    This has been a year of taking things away so I will start with the things I lost this year. Disk 2 to my Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan set, my grandmother, my job at Zellers, two of my favourite Rogers TV shows to make Daytime and Too Close to Call, and my dignity (lol). Once again procrastination hampered this post.

  • Empty Stocking Fund 2008

    Empty Stocking Fund 2008


    $167,000. That number is the value of the pledges being made today at the 2008 Empty Stocking Fund. It was a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of work. It seemed as if at the beginning that it was going to be a nightmare, but the number of pure professionals that came together to pull it off was awe-inspiring.




  • 2008 Saint John Santa Claus Parade

    Update: The show was cancelled due to the weather. Night-Rain-Fog-TV Cameras don’t mix well.

    Believe it or not, the Santa Claus Parade is one my my favourite shows to work on each year. I also like seeing what is new each year and really enjoy coming home later to actually watch it. As a bonus for my readers, I have the float list for this year’s parade.



    So, I have been covering curling on Rogers Television lately and I find myself becoming attached to the sport.

    So the job hunt seems to be going well. It seems easier this time than in the past.

    I’m going to go see "Meet the Spartans" tonight I’ve been waiting to see that for a while.

    I hope everyone likes the new theme. The program I use for the photo gallery section is so impossibly hard to them and make look the same a this program that I use from my blog seemed like it was never going to work.

  • What’s up!!!

    While this week has been remarkably interesting. I’ve left Saint John twice this past week. On Tuesday, I went to Fredericton and on Wednesday I went to Moncton, both days to help shoot promos for the upcoming season on Rogers Television. I’ve also had two rolls of film developed recently, some of the pictures have turned out well. I’ve also got a set of digital pictures as well. I’ll be formatting them and posting them as 3 new photo albums on my website. I’m going to use html format and not the flash because I found a program that makes them automatically and is a lot easier.

    I’ve also was doing TV Bingo this past week; it is great to have it back. Especially since Jeff and Tony are the best.

    This week I’m going to continue some job hunting on Monday and Tuesday. And on Monday at 11:15 I have an appointment to have photos taken at the Sears Portrait Studio.


  • Making a TV Show

    Note: This article was originally written for Journalism 2023 Journalistic Writing in November 2002.

    The 50th Annual Saint John Santa Claus Parade comes around for another year. This was a difficult production for producer Don Ferguson to organize volunteers. In addition, the float list was only available late on Friday afternoon. Three hours before the parade was to begin, we headed down the hill to set up the equipment. On arrival, we realized the taped introduction had the old TVNB logo and Parade 2001 on it. It was determined that we could just cover it up with graphics, but at about the time the parade was about to start to come down the hill the tape got jammed in the machine and I had about 2 minutes to come up with an alternative. Then the parade went really well until the floats stopped coming down the hill in order of the list and then it was a scramble of; What float is it, type it in, bring it up and take it down and repeat for about forty or so floats.

    After a hard day of work, after the family dinner, many families sit down to feed their brains with hours of Television. For a small dedicated group the night of TV starts differently, this group is not home watching TV they are making it. This is the story of the dedicated group of staff and volunteers at Rogers Television in Saint John. These people come together to get together and have a good time to make community television. One of the part-time staff members is often quoted saying, “This is not working it is a hobby.”

    A typical shoot will begin with the Producer ironing out the technical details, arranging for sponsorships, and going down the volunteer list trying to assemble a crew together. The task of gathering a crew can sometimes be the most difficult task of all. There are three categories of volunteers. The first group are the extremely dedicated ones. This group will sign-up for just about everything that they can. This group is relatively small about a half-dozen or so. The next group is the regulars they are usually quite dependable. The regulars usually have a certain focused interest, like bingo or sports. Then there is the third group that are either always extremely busy, lost interest or do not even remember why they are on the list. This last group is where most of the difficulty in forming a crew comes from after the first two groups are exhausted the producer has to spend hours of trying to get someone from this group interested.

    The volunteers all have some interesting stories that occurred during their years. This group comes from all lifestyles, call centre workers, retired tax collectors, former professional TV people, and car dealers. They range in the spectrum from students to retired. In general, they get together to make TV, not in a deadline setting like a commercial TV setting, but one of just to have a good time and make some TV.

    After everything is in place the producer and graphics person get started doing research and graphic design as this usually takes up most of the preproduction time. Then there is set up, which could be as simple as turning on and adjusting a studio camera and wiring a few microphones. This can also be a daunting task like a hockey game which involves miles of cables to be haled all through the arena and taped down to avoid tripping setting up and adjusting a half-dozen cameras, half-dozen microphones, set up a replay machine, a fibre feedback to the station, and lighting for the dark areas.

    In November is typically a busy month. The month started out with the Kiwanis TV Auction. This is a relatively simple event, to begin with, at the beginning of October J-P Quinn the producer begins with organizing the crew and booking a mobile production truck to come down for the shoot. Then comes the cancellations, of the cancellation, including the Audio, Graphics, and half the camera operators. On the Tuesday in the morning before the auction, I received a call to see if, I would be available to take over the graphics. Only two of us on the list that could do the advanced graphics required for the auction. I really started my job the day before the show. The auction required an animated introduction, over 300 lower thirds, or graphics on the bottom of the screen, and a credit roll for the end of the show. While I was working on this J-P and several volunteers went down to the Trade and convention center to set up.

     Then the long-awaited show day came, it started with setting up the lights, microphones, and phasing or adjusting the colour of the cameras. The show went abnormally flawless. The second major production was the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony this was the worst show I have ever worked on. It started badly by the fact that we could not acquire a mobile for the show resulting in ripping out the rack used for the weekly common council meetings. Since there was, only one graphics computer in Saint John the plan was to send the signal back to the studio by Fibre-optics and put them on there. The first problem was that the computer crashed ten minutes before the event was to start and I forgot to save the graphics. In addition, the fibre feed did not work so they recorded the show on site. When Don Ferguson the producer for the show returned with the tape, we put the graphics, music and taped interviews on the tape. After we finished there was barely enough time for us to rewind the tape. The show looks so awful there was almost no sound and the camera cables were not good enough to see anything but backs of the head.