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From my Contiki The Escape (2nd Half of European Expedition) tour.

Contiki’s Virtual Travel

There are somethings in life that VR will just not replace. One such thing is the experience of a Contiki tour. Or can it? I just read an article on Travel Week where with $149 for 3 hours you can

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A Difficult Goodbye

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said. My last difficult goodbye was in London last fall. It was so difficult when you are in such a close group of people on a bus tour, knowing that you will likely never

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Last Live Performance

What was the last live performance you saw? The last live performance I saw was Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Savoy in London. This was the first time I went to a show in London. I bought my tickets

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A Risk Worth Taking, Rafting in the Austrian Tyrol

Rafting in Austria

Last month my trip to Europe was a big spur of the moment trip that had very challenging air travels with all the delayed flights. But when I was in Austria deciding to go rafting was a huge enough risk.

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Bologna Italy

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