Moncton takes Cornwall 5-4 in Finals Action

After a long weekend here at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink here in Saint John NB, the Moncton Mark’s Work Wearhouse Flyers are on their way to Selkirk MB for the Telus Cup after the most intense battle of the tournament.

In first period action, Moncton’s Gino Goguen comes out with an early hooking penalty that Cornwall’s Darcy Ashley took advantage of for the period’s only goal at 1:00 this period featured lots of physical action with few shots on goal.

The second period started out like the first with an early penalty by Alex Saulnier leading to Cornwall’s Brent Andrews landing a power-play goal at 1:33. That goal released Alex Saulnier from the box who thirty-two seconds later at 2:03 scored on Cornwall goaltender Devon Cudmore. Later a 6:46 Moncton’s Jean-Marc Leger ties up the game with Flyers second goal. Then the Flyers lay two more goals on with Curtis Leet #18 and Alex Saulnier #21 at 11:54. However, Cornwall not wanting to go quietly in the night respond at 13:46 with their third goal by Brandon Carter #16.

The third period was filled with eight penalties and a goal apiece for Cornwall’s star Jordan Costello (11:09) and Moncton’s Gino Goguen. Shots on goal were 24-21 in the Flyers favour.

There were over a thousand photos taken during the tournament many will be posted here over this week.

Final Game- HNB at HPEI

Home Team: Cornwall Thunder (HPEI)

Guest Team: Moncton Flyers (HNB)

Start Time: 1pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: TBD

Linesmen: TBD


HPEI121 0 0 4
HNB 0 41 0 0 5

Shots on Goal

HPEI57 9 0 0 21
HNB612 7 0 0 24

Starting Goaltenders

Home: Devon Cudmore #29

Guest: Aaron Hamilton #31


First Period

1:00 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 Assist- Brent Andrews #9 and Jordan Costello #11 PPG

Second Period

1:33 HPEI- Brent Andrews #6 Assist- Darcy Ashley #7 PPG

2:05 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Tyrone Sock #3 and Pierre Durepos #23

6:46 HNB- Jean-Marc Leger #16 – Unassisted PPG

10:44 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 Assist- Sawyer Hannay #27

11:54 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 – Unassisted

13:46 HPEI- Brandon Carter #16 Assist- Brody MacDonald #18 and Brent Andrews #9

Third Period

11:09 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 Assist- Brent Andrews #9 PPG

14:18 HNB- Gino Gougen #12 Assist- Tyrone Sock #3 and Allain Saulnier #19 PPG


First Period

0:15 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Hooking (2:00)

5:00 HNB- Joslin Gallant #25 – Tripping (2:00)

7:57 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 – Hooking (2:00)

10:36 HPEI- Dylan McGuigan #19 – Crosschecking (2:00)

Second Period

0:30 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 – Slashing (2:00)

5:26 HPEI- Matt Kelly #2 – Slashing (2:00)

8:00 HPEI- Matt Myers #22 – Tripping (2:00)

14:27 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Goaltender Interference (2:00)

14:35 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 – Slashing (2:00)

Third Period

0:07 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 – Tripping (2:00)

4:15 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Interference (2:00)

6:23 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 – Hooking (2:00)

9:08 HNB- Pierre Durepos #23 – Holding (2:00)

10:40 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 – Hooking (2:00)

13:17 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 – Hooking (2:00)

17:58 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Tripping (2:00)

19:58 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 – Tripping (2:00)

Team MVP Awards

Home: #4 Ken Costello

Away: #16 Jean-Marc Leger


Game 10: Moncton 3 @ Cornwall 6

This game featured a warm-up for the final gold medal game slated for Sunday at 1:00 pm. As many times as these two teams play there is always something to play for. Both teams played a hard fought battle showing no backing off in saving energy for Sunday. These two teams proved that Sunday’s gold medal game will no doubt be a high-intensity hard-hitting affair. Shots on goal for this final round-robin game were 22-17 favouring HPEI’s Cornwall Thunder.

Play resumes Sunday at 1 pm with the finals featuring Moncton (HNB) vs. Cornwall (HPEI) at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John NB.

Home Team: Cornwall Thunder (HPEI)

Away Team: Moncton Flyers (HNB)

Start Time: 3:30pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: TBD

Linesmen: TBD


HPEI2 3 1 0 0 6
HNB21 0 0 0 3

Shots on Goal

HPEI598 0 0 22
HNB584 0 0 17


First Period

8:41 HNB- Allain Saunier #19 Assist- Pierre Durepos #23

13:39 HPEI- Brody McDonald #18 Assist- Devin Cudmore #29 and Brent Andrews #9 PPG

17:52 HPEI- Jason Smallman #28 Assist- Matt Myers #22 and Brody McDonald #18 PPG

18:14 HNB- Jean-Marc Leger #16 Assist- Zach Cahill #6

Second Period

9:40 HNB- Alex Saulnier #19 Assist- Allain Saulnier #21

15:28 HPEI- Dylan McGuigan #19 Assist- Brandon Carter #16 and Devon Gunn #89

16:12 HPEI- Spencer Mongomery #14 Assist- Jordan Costello #11 and Darcy Ashley #7

17:39 HPEI- Matt Myers #22 Assist- Brent Andrews #9

Third Period

8:27 HPEI- Deven Gunn #12 Assist- #12 Ben MacSwain


First Period

2:58 HPEI- Matthew Myers #22 – Slashing (2:00)

9:14 HNB- Matt Leblanc #9 – Crosschecking (2:00)

11:08 HPEI- Dylan McGuigan #19 – Elbowing (2:00)

12:12 HNB- Dan McNeil #14 – Crosschecking (2:00)

16:18 HNB- Christian Garland #10 – Slashing (2:00)

19:29 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Slashing (2:00)

Second Period

5:33  – HPEI- Ben MacDonald #10 – Crosschecking (2:00)

7:54 – HPEI- Jason Smallman #28 – Elbowing (2:00)

8:11 – HNB- Nick Smith #24 – Shashing (2:00)

15:10 – HNB- Zack Cahill #6 – Tripping (2:00)

18:26 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 – High Sticking (2:00)

19:29 HPEI-Brandon Carter #16 – Slashing (2:00)

19:59 HNB- Alex Saunier #21 – Interference (2:00)

Third Period

4:09 HPEI- Zach Evans-Renaud #3 – Tripping (2:00)

5:31 HPEI – Logan Reid #33 – Tripping (2:00)

10:42 HNB- Dan McNeil #14 – Roughing (2:00)

13:10 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Elbowing (2:00)

15:10 HPEI- Jason Camron #79 – Goaltender Interference (2:00)

16:08 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Kneeing (2:00)

Team MVP Awards

Home: #12 Ben McSwain

Away: #23 Pierre Durepos


Saint John NB Set For Major Midget Atlantics


For Immediate Release

April 1st, 2009

Saint John NB Set For Major Midget Atlantics

Saint John, NB- The Tournament committee and host team Saint John Vito’s would like to welcome the participants in this year’s 2009 Atlantic Major Midget Regional Championships this weekend at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink in Saint John NB.

This year’s host team the Saint John Vito’s will be joined by the Hockey New Brunswick provincial title winning Moncton Mark’s Work Wearhouse Flyers after winning a 4-0 series against the Vito’s. Joining the Flyers and Vito’s from the NB-PEI Major Midget Hockey League will be Hockey PEI ‘s Cornwall Superior Sanitation Thunder, after their 4-0 series with the Charlottetown Mark’s Work Wearhouse Islanders. Representing Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador is the St. John’s Fog Devils after a 4-0 series win in the Newfoundland & Labrador Major Midget AAA Hockey Championship over the Tri-Pen Frost at the Bay Arena in Bay Roberts. Finishing off the list of the list of contenders is the returning 2008 championship team Cole Harbour McCain Major Midgets representing Hockey Nova Scotia. The McCain’s had one of the closest final series with a 4-1 series against the Halifax McDonalds Major Midgets. The tournament kicks off Thursday, April 2nd at 1 pm with the HNL Fog Devils against the HNB Flyers. The second game will feature the HPEI Thunder against HNS Cole Harbour Major Midgets at 4 pm. Then finishing off the evening will be HNL Fog Devils against the Host team Saint John Vito’s. The Opening Ceremonies will be held at 7:30 pm prior to the HNL vs. Host game at the LBR.

The Atlantic Major Midget Regionals will determine the Atlantic Region contender to the Telus Cup National Midget Championship to be held at the Selkirk Recreation Complex in Selkirk / Winnipeg, MB from April 20-26.

Additional event information can be obtained at the official tournament website, www.majormidgetatlantics2009.ca.

Hockey Canada ’s Atlantic Regional Centre
125 Station Street
Saint John NB E2L 4X4
Phone:  (506) 652-2263
Fax:      (506) 652-6641


Okay, a second look at the election.

So now that I have looked into the election a little harder, I am changing some of the options.

Mike Richardson- I’m not quite sure what it is but Mike seems to have a well thought out plan, no dirt and the just has a personality that one would pay attention to as mayor.

Councillor At Large:

Danny Jardine- I remember Danny from the last election he was one of those people that are deeply rooted in the social aspects of the community, like Donny Snook, that understands the poverty aspect of the city but is that enough, I’m adding this name to my shortlist because the list of candidates that I get to choose from is so pathetic, I think ward 4 might just have the worst turnout than any other part of this city.

Mark LeBlanc- A maybe

Rick Mantle- I think this one could make the council a little interesting.

Chris Titus- This one is a definite vote, many of my favourite memories of council involve this fellow, especially back in the Shirley days. I like that Chris is involved in the community not afraid to express new ideas, and knows the when a horse is being flogged too long.

Councillor Ward 4:

I don’t seem to think that any of these people would be beneficial at the moment on the council chamber, this is one of the reasons that I was so opposed to the entire ward system is that the east is the area where no one that matters seems to ever run.

District Education Council District 1

Sub District 9: No one is running

District Education Council District 8

Zone A: Acclaimed