This week I was looking into buying a new TV. I know for sure that I’m not looking at a plasma. When the sales representative was explaining the different TVs she started describing LED TVs as better TVs. This led to the question, isn’t a LED TV a LCD display. The answer I got was … Continue reading "LED vs. LCD"

Why not to “Save Local”

Today I seem ads on CTVGlobeMedia stations that are urging the government to require cable/satellite distributors to pay for distributing the signal. I think this is just plain wrong. Here in Saint John there are 4 broadcast stations CBAT (CBC Fredericton but licensed and has its main transmitter in Saint John), CKLT (Has no programming … Continue reading "Why not to “Save Local”"

NASCAR vs. The Simpsons

This morning I was listening to CBC Radio 1 and one of the main stories today is that the local cable company cut off the final few laps of the Nascar race for an all new episode of The Simpsons. Let’s face it The Simpsons is one of the most important influinces of my generation. … Continue reading "NASCAR vs. The Simpsons"

“And it doesn’t really matter who wins”

While it was a surprise to me that Dick and Danielle will win this year’s Big Brother. It doesn’t really matter which one but I thing from a playing the game aspect that Dick definitely will be the winner on Thurs