Saint John Airport

  • An Epic Night and Journey to the Epic

    An Epic Night and Journey to the Epic

    Following the subway ride, I ended up on good old St. Andrew Station in Downtown Toronto on a Just above freezing evening. I was a bit hungry so as I wandered Downtown I was looking for somewhere no but ended up going to Hooters on John St.. The meal was good I had the Steak Spice Quesadilla and it was really good. There was a hockey game on so, I enjoyed the meal and a beer, game, and people watching until about 1 am. After that, I left and continued to wander down John to Queen West and then stopped at the McDonald’s at Spadina.

    Since I had time to kill, I stayed at the McDonald’s for just over an hour to charge my phone and people watch with a coffee and a muffin. This area in the daytime is high class, in the evening it is just high. I sat up on the second floor and there was a guy at the end of the booths that kept being woken up by security, it looked like he was very impaired. Then going in and out of the washroom was an uncomfortable assortment of people. Prior to leaving I needed the washroom and there was a guy on the toilet shooting needles. I went to get out of the place but at the top of the stairs, there was another gentleman smoking his meth pipe indoors.

    I was so relieved to get out of that place and catch the streetcar to connect with the airport night bus. However, that would not be the end. As I was waiting for the streetcar, wouldn’t you know what happened next? There were paramedics called to pull someone out of the McDonald’s and I highly doubt it was an allergy or choking.

    Pearson Airport
    Pearson Airport

    Upon reaching the airport, I picked up my bag from storage and checked in for my flight and quite easily cleared security and the US Border clearance went very quickly, although there were a lot of people panicked for catching a much earlier flight than mine. There is something that, tends to consider Toronto Pearson as the baseline of good airports. Terminal 1 is an excellent and totally makes sense layout, and the D-E-F layout of the gates just works for me.

    Due to my medical situation, over the past two years, I have gained a lot of weight and now need to ask for the extender belt when on a plane. I find it hilarious that in an effort to be “respectful” the Air Canada staff try to secretly hand off the belt. Everyone on the plane knows the belt doesn’t fit me, it is not a secret.

    I found it surprising how short the flight was from Toronto (YYZ) to Orlando (MCO), it was just a tad longer than Saint John (YSJ) to Toronto (YYZ).

    Many airports focus a lot more on the departure passengers over the arrivals. Orlando International is by far a huge exception. The airport consists of 4 terminals linked by automated light rail to the hub. The first thing that happens as you leave the plane is the announcements to where to go and what belt the luggage will be on. Usually, you are left to following signs and screens.

    Once at the main terminal it has everything you possibly would need and is not as unreasonable as other airports. From the luggage area, it is filled with handlers to get people started on their vacation experience so that it starts as soon as you arrive. Disney parks, Disney Cruise, and other cruise lines have the logistics down to a science and make it perfectly effortless,

    It is a really beautiful drive to Port Canaveral, there is something about Florida that makes it very unique like you are on safari, and the approaching winter light gives a different world experience.

    When we arrived at the cruise port we received the “tip the driver and port people” speech and alighted the bus to wait in a 15-minute long line to get inside to check into the ship. The process was pretty effortless and was much like any other cruise.

  • IG: Road Trips 2018 Photos

    IG: Road Trips 2018 Photos

  • Sun Trip 2017 Instagrams

    Sun Trip 2017 Instagrams

    Posts from Instagram during our about my cruise.

  • Hallowe’en 2017

    Hallowe’en 2017

  • Apparently no one on Champlain Dr. knows that this sign means no parking. #sjnb #ysj #nbdrivers #sjdrivers

    Apparently no one on Champlain Dr. knows that this sign means no parking. #sjnb #ysj #nbdrivers #sjdrivers

    Apparently no one on Champlain Dr. knows that this sign means no parking. #sjnb #ysj #nbdrivers #sjdrivers

    Photo Caption: Apparently no one on Champlain Dr. knows that this sign means no parking. #sjnb #ysj #nbdrivers #sjdrivers

  • Saturday stroll along the coast. #ysj #sjnb #bayoffundy #atlanticocean

    Saturday stroll along the coast. #ysj #sjnb #bayoffundy #atlanticocean

    Saturday stroll along the coast. #ysj #sjnb #bayoffundy #atlanticocean

    Photo Caption: Saturday stroll along the coast. #ysj #sjnb #bayoffundy #atlanticocean

    Photo taken at: Irving Nature Park

  • Carnival Splendor entering port. #portsj #livelifeuptown #sjnb #ysj #FunshipOnTheFundy

    Carnival Splendor entering port. #portsj #livelifeuptown #sjnb #ysj #FunshipOnTheFundy

    Carnival Splendor entering port. #portsj #livelifeuptown #sjnb #ysj #FunshipOnTheFundy

    Photo Caption: Carnival Splendor entering port. #portsj #livelifeuptown #sjnb #ysj #FunshipOnTheFundy

    Photo taken at: Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick

  • Ninety-Eight Days but I’m Not Counting

    Ninety-Eight Days but I’m Not Counting

    It is really cold today. It has been less than a month now since I booked my next trip.

    On my last trip my old reliable large suitcase met it’s last days from the cobble-stone sidewalks of Rome. That’s right I have to move on with life and break in a virgin suitcase on this trip.

    My new suitcase is slightly larger and a harder case. I bought it at the Zellers liquidation sale. It’s biggest problem is there is only one outside pocket. I’m undecided still on whether or not to by a new dangly thing. My last one was given to me buy my old friend when I had forgotten my previous on prior to my first WordCamp trip.

    On an interesting note to me anyways, I was cleaning off my dresser and under the pile of junk was my dangly thing. I tried guessing what was in it as it felt unusually bulky. I thought it might have been the baggage tag for my last Toronto trip. I was wrong. (Even though some people think I would never really say that.)

    The tag in my dangly thing was the luggage tag from YSJ to FCO via YUL. (Saint John to Fiumicino (near Rome) via Montreal).

    Personally I find Rome to be one of the worlds worst historic cities. From all the thieves to the difficult sidewalks to the crazy drivers to the very long lines almost every city in Europe is better than Rome. Though perhaps my views would be different if I ever found true love in Rome. We will have to see May 6-8th.

  • Toronto 2007

    Toronto 2007