• 2023 Mosaic Parade

  • The Irish Finale

    I departed the Enterprise starving, and in pain a bit from the ridiculous amount of walking in Belfast. I went down the stairs to the tram station and the Google Transit app said there were no more trains but there was a dot-matrix display showing next tram in 7 minutes with a group of at least fifteen people waiting for the tram. Then a local said to the group no more trams tonight and the screen was for the next station down the line.

    A vocal man with an American accent convinced the group of people that the local was wrong. I looked at the sign and noticed it said “Busáras” and the blank one said “Connolly”. Since I can also read perfect Gaelic, I recognized that Busáras means Bus Station and Connolly was the name of the train station. I decided the local was right and since I didn’t know where the Bus Station stop was, I just followed the track, and it was not even a block away.

    My plan for the night was to go to an Irish Pub and grab dinner there, but once I got off the Luas (what Dublin calls trams/streetcars) near my hotel most I just had a craving to go back to the Burrito place and have a large Fajita. It was so good.

    Then I went back to drop off my stuff at the hostel locker and ended up at the bar in the hostel. I was breaking my rule of local beer and ordered a Tuborg. That is some of the best cheap beer money can buy in Europe, especially the draft version. I had an enjoyable conversation with the bartender and the conversation led to making TV shows and then he reviled that he worked on Vikings and Game of Thrones. I will refer to him as Viking Bartender.

    As I was coming to the end of using up my cash this guy started talking like a beer snob on the intricacies of Guinness and what it is the greatest beer in the world. To which I countered that Guinness is only to its best potential when paired with a fine Irish Whiskey, and then explodes with flavour. That leads to a round or Guinness and Jameson’s Caskmates Stout for the group in that part of the bar.

    At some point, a gorgeous Irish lass comes up to the bar to order a round of beers for her friends listening to the acoustic singer-songwriter in the other side of the bar. She orders a couple of Coronas. I didn’t know she was Irish at this point. I said, “I would make fun of you for drinking Mexican beer in Ireland, but I just had a burrito for dinner.” She smiles and in a strong Irish accent smiling “While I guess you can’t then, can you.” This is the point that I kick myself for not having anything further to say. Then she left.

    Then later the other bartender started making drinks and as he cleaned the glasses kept spraying me with a little water. The second time I joked that he got me again. After the third time, he joked that if I stayed there, I would just have to accept that I would keep getting “a little wet”. The bartender then began making a pair of Jäger-bombs and as he dropped the shot glasses into the larger glass, he shattered one of the glasses and the liquor soaked my shirt, shorts, arm, and leg. He also got some glass lodged in the skin of my arm. I then said, “This is a little wet?”. He then half horrified, and half laughing was like “No I’m so sorry, you know the next drink is on me.”

    By this point in the night, I’ve had a good 3 times more drinks than I planned on. I was just going to order another beer, but the Viking Bartender came over and said: “I know you been drinking the cheap beer and whiskey all night but since this one is on us let’s go for a special whiskey.”

    I ended up with a special edition two hundred bottle run Jameson’s that was the most amazingly smooth flavour I’ve ever had. After finishing, I called it a night as the next morning was a travel day back home to Canada.

    For a country I was not excited about before going, I was one that I was sad to leave.

    The next morning, I got up and shaved, washed, and packed up my stuff and left the hostel. The morning did not start well as I crushed my headphones in the locker door. As I had some time to kill, I went to Costa and had my morning coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I caught up on some news, Reddit, and updated my phone to try to use up my remaining data. At this point, I went a block away and got the shuttle bus to the airport. Since I was trying to use up data, I live streamed the video to YouTube from the bus.

    Until which point, I needed to conserve battery life since my boarding pass was on the phone. Once I arrived at the airport the Departures section looks amazing, modern, and so not the back hallway looks of the Arrivals area. I checked my bag and placed everything in it so I could easily get through security and enter the duty-free shopping area.

    I made the first stop at the Guinness store and bought an Irish Flute kit with sheet music, and a hard Guinness Wallet for holding cards. The second shop was an electronics store, there was no way I was going to use cheap headphones for a 7.5-hour transatlantic flight, so I bought a good duty-free pair.

    On the flight back, the meal was surprisingly good. There was this cool pickled cucumber salad side, a bottle of wine, I picked the Chicken and pasta dinner. After the meal I listened to music and podcasts as we flew, I liked to keep the entertainment system on the navigation channel to see where we were.

    As we flew over Quebec, I had some land data and Facebook Live posted a bit, then took some long time-lapse videos. Coming back to Toronto there was a lengthy line, so I didn’t the “cripple limp” and the navigator pointed me to the fast line for disabled and airline staff. Score! After you go through customs, you end up on the outside and there is an out of the way door that most people don’t notice because the signs point them the other way. It is to the far-left wall on the Departures floor.

    I quickly cleared customs, went to my gate, and waited around for about an hour as my flight was running a bit late. The flight was a success, unlike the Titanic, and I arrived home at the Saint John airport to my mother and stepfather waiting for me. It was the first time ever I arrived with people waiting for me.

    That concludes my 5th Euro Trip.

  • Europe 2018 #33 – Part 3

    After a well rested night, it is now my birthday. I slept a bit late and left the hostel to wander around Dublin. The most important first stop was the local Costa Coffee shop across the plaza, and to pump up some energy for the day, and to Facebook creep what was going on in the world.

    After coffee, I went to the waterfront (river the passed through the city) and walked towards the area that the hostel said was where all the tour tickets could be brought about a 25-minute walk away. I took a lot longer taking photos and resting due to my limitations every couple of blocks.

    It was at this point that it hit me that, I was near no one I knew, in a place I knew nothing really about. This got me really sad. The first bridge I came across I thought was the famous (according to my map) Ha’penny Bridge. I Facebook Live posted a video going across it. (Which had no viewers.)

    Then as I continued on to the next bridge it had a sign that it was the Ha’penny Bridge. It looked cooler but yet less impressive and had about a half dozen homeless sleeping on it. I decided not to cross it. I then noticed a little shop that sold souvenirs and I dropped in and picked up a little Leprechaun and a t-shirt. This shop also sold passes to the hop on buses so I picked one up here.

    Outside the shop, I was waiting for the bus with two guys who were waiting for their wives to finish shopping and picking up tickets to a dinner show. The guy warned his wife that they were going to miss their bus. (Which they did.)

    Although I wanted to see the ladies reaction when they got back, I got on the bus. It only went one stop and then we were told we had to get off and could get on the bus waiting in front. Now that first bus had a recorded audio tour, the second bus had a live audio tour and the guy was hilarious.

    I spent the next 3 hours going around Dublin on that bus not wanting to hop off because I loved that driver. My plan was to get off at the Guinness Brewery but opted not to, to stay on the bus. I would also point out that the brewery has the strong burnt popcorn smell. As I approached the hostel, I got off the bus and recharged my phone and rested for a half hour.

    After the rest , I went next door to the Jameson’s Distillery. This is one of the best alcohol attractions I have ever seen, on Heineken in Amsterdam was better. It does the typical, here’s the history, here’s how it’s made, here’s how each ingredient and process matters, here’s why we’re best, here’s the gift shop and finally the grand finale, here’s the bar. I still considered going to Guinness but met so cool Belgians and wanted to try more whiskey.

    Closing in now on the late afternoon, I was stumbling out of the distillery. (Let’s pretend it was because of my bad ankle.) I then walked across the bridge and towards the Viking castle area and then was intending to make it to the Temple bar area. However, I needed to drain from the distillery and came across a restaurant/pub with an “Authentic Irish” menu and decided it was a fitting place for my birthday dinner.

    After dinner, I was looking for the bus stop that was on the map and only after it was too late that I was on the wrong parallel street. So I walked along the river, crossed at the Ha’penny bridge, and then retired to the hostel, had another Guinness at the bar, and then “called it a night.”

    The quotes on that last part are because it was an interesting night. I had an early morning to catch the train to Belfast. I posted this to Facebook at about 12:30 am:

    Picture this situation, 4 bunk bed sets, two on each wall, numbered 1-8. I’m in #8 and the world record holder for loudest snorer is in #1 (90% sure it is a she). #3 and #5 are taking up the sofas in the lobby. #7 is about to lose his anger management chip.

  • This is so exciting it needed video. A moving escalator! #livelifeuptown

    This is so exciting it needed video. A moving escalator! #livelifeuptown

    This is so exciting it needed video. A moving escalator! #livelifeuptown

    Photo Caption: This is so exciting it needed video. A moving escalator! #livelifeuptown

    Photo taken at: Brunswick Square Shopping Centre

  • Google Translate Songs

    I found this video on YouTube today it is a parody of “Call Me Maybe” with bad but not terrible lyrics. Then from there, I found a Fresh Prince version that went through all 64 Google Translate options, and back to English. I then thought about what would it look like if Farewell to Nova Scotia lyrics were translated to all 64 languages and this was the result.

    Vita Nova Beach.
    A bronze tart Residues.
    Be careful, because the salt.
    Or hate it?

    evening prayer
    Sufficient trees and birds.
    but the
    But I do not do it for more information.


    There is no need for me to go abroad.
    This was intention to friend.
    Children / workout.


    Note that the drums.
    Lord of the universe.
    If Scotland can Hey, Michael.


    Interior dimensions.
    However I know.
    Black holes and valleys from other women.

    Chorus x2

    As you can see it is quite humorous. Now I can’t perform well enough to make my own video, but if someone does let me know and I’ll link to it.

  • The Badger Hunter: The Trail to Ecstasy

    The Badger Hunter: The Trail to Ecstasy

    This is my latest production enjoy. I have been meaning to edit this for almost 4 years now.

    Welcome to the Homepage for the CEFM Productions / Eagle Nest Shows Entertainment co-production of “The Badger Hunter”

    Episode 1 – On The Trail Of Ecstasy

    Release Date: August 2, 2011

    Production Stage: Released

  • London to Amsterdam

  • München: A Video Slideshow

  • Venizia: Video Slide Show

    In the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, why not a video of the romantic city of Venice, Italy.

  • Roma: Video Slideshow

  • I have a new Camera … again

    I have a new Camera … again

    Canon PowerShot SX120 IS
    Canon PowerShot SX120 IS

    About a week ago, I caved and bought a new piece of technology. Yes, as the title of this post suggests it is a new camera. Not just any camera it is the Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. Although not that much better than my S5 IS it is really the form factor that made me buy it. On the downside first, it is a smaller lens and only mono audio of the video, I can’t see the viewfinder for taking great one try self-portraits and I can’t set voice memos for the photos. On the good side, it only takes 2 AA batteries, and it is a 10 megapixel with a 10x optical zoom (my old cam is 12x).

    If you are wondering what the pictures look like, the strawberry waffles were taken with this camera. This has pushed me to update my SnapShots gallery that it is now run by WordPress and Gallery is about to be shut off, I just have the 2 largest albums to go through.

  • Parkway Mall

    List of Shops

    August 14, 1973

    Boutique Jack and Jill
    Canadian Acceptance Corporation
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    Dairy Snack Bar
    Francine’s Beauty Salon
    G.B. Murphy
    Gem Photo
    Jean Junction
    LaBoutique Chez Helene
    Liquor Store
    Lumac Fabrics
    Maharaja Gifts
    Mariner Book Shops
    Mary K. Florals
    McAdam Optical
    New System
    Nordic Art Shops
    Parkway Cinema
    Quik Food Kiosk
    Radio Shack
    Sally Shops
    Save Easy
    Shoppers Drug Mart
    Silver Shears
    Sportique Ltd.
    Sweet Side
    The Villager Restaurant
    Tip Top Tailors
    Villager Shoes
    Zeller’s County Fair


    Zeller’s County Fair Ltd.
    Parkway Optical
    CAC Realty Mortgages
    New Brunswick Liquor
    Jean junction Ltd.
    Silver Shears
    People’s Jewelers
    The Hobby Hut
    Music World
    Francine’s Beauty Shop
    Gem Photo & Photographic Productions
    Canadian Acceptance Corp Ltd.
    New System Laundry
    Parkway Cinema I & II
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    Tip Top Tailors Ltd.
    McAdam Optical
    Forget-Me-Not Novelty Shop
    Sally Shops Ltd.
    Circle of Sound
    The Villager Restaurant
    Radio Shack
    Gallenkamp Shoes
    Shoppers Drug Mart
    M&D Transfer Ltd.
    Book Mart
    Metropolitan Stores of Canada (MET)


    Bun King Bakery
    NB Liquor
    No Frills Grocery
    Wicker ‘n’ Things
    Big Deal Gift Shop
    Silver Shears
    People’s Jewelers
    Mable’s Yarn and Crafts
    Young’s Coin Centre
    Music World
    Flowers For You Ltd.
    Grant’s Restaurant
    Francine’s Beauty Shop
    Gem Photo & Photographic Productions
    Artistic Cake Decorating and Supplies
    Solar Photo
    New System Laundromat
    Parkway Cinema 1& 2
    Thrifty’s Just Pants
    Tip Top Tailors Men’s Wear
    Holders Card and Gift Shop
    Radio Shack
    Gallankamp Shoes
    Shoppers Drug Mart
    Radio Land
    The Company Store
    Video Pros
    Best for Less
    Atlantic Lotto
    Dairy Snack Bar
    Fantasy 2000 Amusement Places
    Book Mart
    Krazy Tops Ltd.
    Metropolitan Stores of Canada (MET)


    NB Liquor
    Save Easy Warehouse Foods
    Smitty’s Family Restaurant
    Black Bull Lounge Tavern
    Steven’s Vacuum Centre
    Big Deal Gift and Toy Shop
    Silver Shears
    People’s Jewelers
    Young’s Coin Centre
    Grant’s Restaurant
    Francine’s Beauty Shop
    Saint John Anglers and Hunters Boutique
    Gem Photo
    Solar Photo
    New System Laundry
    Parkway Cinema 1 & 2
    Tip Top Tailors
    Holders Card and Gifts
    Radio Shack
    Shoe World
    Villiger Kiosk Coffee Shop
    Shoppers Drug Mart
    Radio Land
    Atlantic Lotto
    Electronic Avenue
    Book Mart
    Metropolitan Stores of Canada (MET)

  • My MacBook and Twitter vs. WordPress

    Okay lets start by this stupid article from Wired:

    Steven Levy on the Burden of Twitter — The shame and remorse of not keeping up with Social Networking… I’m digging this story in honor of Steve Levy as he’s never ‘Dugg’ before…

    I think this article is a crock, just because this guy doesn’t update the Blog as often as he used to doesn’t mean that Twitter is to blame. For ages now it had become a popular thing in Windows/MSN/Windows Live Messenger that people would change their name to include a “status”  of what they were doing that it was eventually permanently added as a feature. AIM, IRC, Facebook, Twitter… the short message is usually the perfect size to let others know what you think. I am still certain however that this does not replace the need for the long format that a blog allows to express your full thoughts on a topic. Generally speaking I use Twitter to update something quickly as I’m usually only using me iPhone or Macbook while laying in bed in the morning so I can tell the world quickly my thought or things of interest, and have it auto populate to the sidebar of my blog, Facebook, Friendfeed, MSN and other places quickly.

    Speaking of my MacBook I just lost the hard drive in it. Luckily, there was still ten days left on the warranty. The agent on the phone originally insisted that I would need to go to Fredericton or Halifax to get a new one. However as she was concluding the call and I asked if I was to just purchase a new one what type of connector it would take, already knowing that it would be a SATA. She then to proceed with the, “You mean you would replace it yourself? In that case let me talk to a product adviser to see if we could just mail you out a new one.” After a long wait on hold she returns with the news that it would be no problem and even preferable to mail out a new drive for free. Her explanation/excuse was that “Most people don’t like to replace parts and that is not usually offered.” It is hard to believe that something along the lines or replacing a hardrive is as simple as 3 screws and pulling a tab, why not just save the trouble and offer it first? I could see for a screen or a motherboard but RAM and a hard drive why not just offer to ship it. in 5-10 business days I’ll post a video of the unboxing and replacing the drive in the MacBook.

    Any ways that is all for now.

  • Crushed Beautifully 2

    Independent Short Film

    Starring: An empty crushed bottle of Dr. Pepper

    Direction, Camera and Editing: Charles E. Frees-Melvin and Tony Tompkins

    ©2008 CEFM Productions

  • Again another post and another year!

    While since it is a new year it just seems different. 2006 was a very bad year as I posted a year ago now that I look back at the posts I made and 2007 went by without many successes or failures. But, now it ’tis 2008. I can’t wait this looks to be the year that every thing seems to be heading to.

    This spring there is another one of those municipal elections. Not to say that I would run again seeing as how things are going, but who knows what will happen.

    On the political side of things I don’t see me doing much this year as there is still uncertainty as to where I will be come the end of it.

    I’m, along with Tony Tompkins are working on a web cast series titled “The Badger Hunter” the editing of the pilot episode is almost done on that and is slated for release on February 29th. We are currently about to begin filming of the second episode.

    I’ve been going over some of the code for my photo gallery and seem to have it fixed despite the unknown reason that the background of the main section disappears on FireFox or Safari. So I’m gonna get to adding the few new photos I have taken lately. I might even take more photos soon, need reason to get more active.

    I have decided that the Crushed Beautifully series has come to an end, there will not be a third film in the series.

  • WWWeeee….. I’m one of those shoppers.

    Okay so I thought that I would post a YouTube video that I think is killer! But on another note on what I just realized I am an “Impulsive A**hole Bargain Shopper”. Today at work I learned that a shipment of “on-sale” Miracle Whip came in and customers were buying lots of it. Knowing how fast it ran out on Saturday I could not help myself but buy the limit of 2 bottles. Now I don’t really eat miracle whip too much, a bottle half the size would last me 2 months, but I could not stop myself (I just couldn’t) I just had to buy it. Knowing full well that it probably would not get eaten, kinda like the soup and Kraft Dinner from 2 months ago that are still in my cupboard uneaten.

    I always laughed at those people so it is really depressing to realize I’m one.

  • The pics are up, the question of Life, and other stuff.

    Okay, to start off with I have posted the pics that were taken during my Toronto trip on my camera phone in my gallery if you are reading this via RSS or Facebook) I still have some more that were taken with my Digital Camera.

    Remember the Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything is 42.

    Crushed Beautifully 2 has now been storyboarded and my other video project, working title is “Remember…” has been rewitten and just needs some more casting. And than filming. I am hoping to get it submitted to a film festival by this fall.

    As for movies I have seen recently I have to make a three really good recomentations, in order of greatness is Oceans 13 (CEFM Rating: 4.5/5), Knocked Up (CEFM Rating: 5/5), and Pirates of the Carribean 3 (CEFM Rating: 5/5).

    I cannot wait until the Simpsons movie (CEFM Rating: 5/5) comes out and Licence to Wed (CEFM Rating: 3.5/5) with Robin Williams.

  • Crushed Beautifully 2

    I’m planning on making a Part 2 of my video “Crushed Beautifully” everybody, send me close-up or macro photos of something crushed in an artistic setting. Everyone will get credited if they want. 

  • Facebook vs. MySpace

    So for the last few weeks I have used Facebook a lot. It is really easier than MySpace, and does more. Like these posts for an example. As I write these I am using by blogging software on my website called WordPress. And it makes XML files for an RSS reader. Now Yahoo360, Windows Live Spaces, and Facebook will get my blog directly from this site, but not MySpace for MySpace I have to copy and paste it. The best thing about MySpace is the videos because I can post those on here but I can’t do a YouTube Video easily.

    Also I have found a lot of long-lost acquaintances on Facebook which is really cool. I guess that is it.

  • ,

    Halifax Look-Out

    Independent Film

    Starring: Tony Tompkins & Charles Frees-Melvin

    Direction, Camera and Editing: Tony Tompkins

    ©2005 Wolverine Pictures