Welcome to the Homepage for the CEFM Productions / Eagle Nest Shows Entertainment co-production of “The Badger Hunter”

Episode 1 – On The Trail Of Ecstasy

Release Date: August 2, 2011

Production Stage: Released


Independent Short Film

Starring: An empty crushed bottle of Dr. Pepper

Direction, Camera and Editing: Charles E. Frees-Melvin and Tony Tompkins

©2008 CEFM Productions

News & Politics

While since it is a new year it just seems different. 2006 was a very bad year as I posted a year ago now that I look back at the posts I made and 2007 went by without many successes or failures. But, now it ’tis 2008. I can’t wait this looks to be the year that every thing seems to be heading to.

This spring there is another one of those municipal elections. Not to say that I would run again seeing as how things are going, but who knows what will happen.

On the political side of things I don’t see me doing much this year as there is still uncertainty as to where I will be come the end of it.

I’m, along with Tony Tompkins are working on a web cast series titled “The Badger Hunter” the editing of the pilot episode is almost done on that and is slated for release on February 29th. We are currently about to begin filming of the second episode.

I’ve been going over some of the code for my photo gallery and seem to have it fixed despite the unknown reason that the background of the main section disappears on FireFox or Safari. So I’m gonna get to adding the few new photos I have taken lately. I might even take more photos soon, need reason to get more active.

I have decided that the Crushed Beautifully series has come to an end, there will not be a third film in the series.

General, Portfolio

Independent Film

Starring: Tony Tompkins & Charles Frees-Melvin

Direction, Camera and Editing: Tony Tompkins

©2005 Wolverine Pictures

General, Portfolio

Independent Short Film

Starring: An empty crushed can of Arizona Fruit Punch (Pictures taken with
my Nokia 6620 Mobile Device)

Direction, Camera and Editing: Charles E. Frees-Melvin

©2007 CEFM Productions


After my employment with Johnny’s Coupons ended, CEFM Webgroup (my company) was contracted to do the publication design work for the 2006 Saint John Edition. Here are some coloured logos that I had created for this book. As well there are logos I created for a web sites I was planning on making but never did, and political logos I have made over the past years.


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