Many people have asked me what was it like to run for Mayor of Saint John. The answer was that it was a time of a life time. I was privileged to meet everyone that I did meet. I now have a greater respect for Saint John and the issues about it.

I thought that I knew a lot about Saint John from reading the news, and watching council, and working in the community. There are others that thought I would have been better off running for council, but with the total number of people running, and the fact was there where much better people who were running for council with the knowledge and ability to do this city well.

To be quite honest the councillors that were elected were some of the best of the crop. Out of the 50 there was actually only about 17 that I thought were the best suited for the job and 9 of them were elected.

Now back to the Mayor’s seat. Running for mayor provided me with the best exposure. I was mentioned on the Newspapers, Radio, and appeared on TV. Also, I had many people who would stop and talk to me, about the community. It was well worth the experience. I could have bought advertising, and signs I was not desperately determined to get elected. But by no means was I not trying, I was running with a from my heart campaign and what I thought was best. I honestly don’t respect people the just run for the fame, I believe the you should be able to do the job before applying, and I felt that if elected I could have done an exceptional job at it.

In the future I will run again it may or may not be 2008 but I will be back for more.

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