• The Cold

    It is very cold
    Truly it is really cold

    I think it is cold
    Sam says it is cold

    Vic knew it used to be cold
    Eric’s hands are blue because of the cold
    Right here it is cold
    Yawning in the cold

    Cold, Cold, Cold
    Old man has twinkling icicles on his rear sitting in the cold outhouse.
    Laughing in the cold
    Darn it! I have a cold

  • Millennium

    Is it going to start in 2000 or 2001?
    Land, sea, and sky will sparkle;
    Lost will be all the electronics.
    Everybody Partying–
    Nobody Suffering
    Next year better than last.
    In the spirit of joyfulness, the millennium arrives.
    Unable to see the 1900’s again.
    Maybe the end of wars will come.

  • Yo-Yo

    The Yo-Yo went down
    Right to the ground
    but didn’t come up
    And then I had to help

    The Yo-Yo went down
    and I gave it a nudge
    and it popped back up
    on its own.

    My life is like a Yo-Yo
    Leaving home;
    Coming back.
    Time after Time.

    My emotions are like a Yo-Yo
    They go down,
    And sometimes they come up,
    And if they don’t, I talk to someone.

    The sun is like a Yo-Yo
    It sets in the west,
    rises in the east;
    over and over again.