Okay, or maybe Save Local that gives a $#!+

While in my last post I may have took the position that Saving Local is not important. That is not true. I am against CTV and Global who have for the last few years, mainly CTV, treated New Brunswick as a second class maritime province in terms of share of news coverage and local programming.

Now on to the main topic of this post, CBC Radio 1 in Saint John. In reality Saint John has about 4 main contacts for news CHSJ, CBC, CHNI, and Telegraph-Journal. However, only the Telegraph-Journal and CBC provide the depth of information and understanding of our community as a whole. Despite radio being close to a hundred year old technology. The style of the CBC just draws you in and is never shallow on good storytelling.

Technically speaking the CBC does have a trend on over staffing on productions on the TV end but with the radio it takes less people to technically produce the shows so that leaves cutting the staff as ripping out pages from the unpublished book, still there but more shallow. I definitely plan on attending the rally in King’s Square this weekend.

We Want Our CBC

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  1. From the coverage I've seen from Global and CTV, it makes it seem as if Nova Scotia, and more specifically the Halifax Regional Municipality, are the only game in town. The CBC gives us local news from people that are actually local, not simulcasting from Halifax or even Vancouver, as I'd heard rumors some of our stuff is.

    Pulling Canwest and CTVGlobeMedia out of the equation though, a quick look at the truly local scene is needed.

    CHSJ has a relatively robust news operation, though it doesn't provide near the depth it could, and only provides prepackaged Canadian Press newscasts on the weekend. CHNI is really an expansion of an "All-News Radio" format used in markets nationwide, which from my experience doesn't lend much to depth, if only by virtue of the fact that they're trying to jam as much as they can into the hour. The Telegraph-Journal, despite having a history of allegations of suspect journalistic integrity, is truly one of the better sources of news for the area. The CBC however is truly a local gem. Having been to their studio/newsroom and meeting the people that make it all happen has shown me that these people are dedicated to providing the voice that we so often don't have. It is for this reason that I continue to support the CBC.

    See you at King's Square.

  2. The save local campaign by CTV and Global is great. I just wished that cable and satellite companies let consumers pick and choose what channels we want. Right now, the way they bundle and package channels, we end up with channels we don't want or watch and we have to pay for them. That is wrong. That is the real tax on TV. Let consumers decide.

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