Arriving to Victoria BC

At long last I have finally arrived in Victoria. Five hours on a plane is really long much longer that I had really imagined. During the longest lag of the journey I got to see “My Sister’s Keeper” for the first time. I found it to be really an enjoyable movie, in the respect that you did not know who to feel sad for. Then it throws a huge twist that make the plot even more intriguing.

Upon first impression of Victoria is that it has an appearance of a fairy tile that has come to life especially now that its the holidays and the lights of colour in and on everything.

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One thought to “Arriving to Victoria BC”

  1. I have been a big fan of the book and watched the movie for the heck of it and I've got to say, that was one hell of a movie to watch. I was nearly on the edge of my seat when watching My Sister's Keeper. I knew about the story plot and everything, but never did I anticipate me getting teary at the end. The movie is a simply must see movie.

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