Post-Election Post

So we all know how the election turned out. As every one that knows me knows I enjoy relating the statistics. This year 23,977 voted for a mayor candidate, 24,078  voted in total. Therefore, 101 voters did not vote a mayor. In 2004, 25,489 voted for a mayor, 448 voted for me. Between 2004-2008 Saint John has 1,618 (source: Statistics Canada) less people. Between 2004-2008, 1512 less people voted for a Mayor. Conclusion, most of the people who used to care are the people that are leaving.

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One thought to “Post-Election Post”

  1. Theory about people who care, or perhaps don't… From the people that complain the most about things in the city that they can't stand or wine about things that should be fixed or changed; how many of these people actually don't bother to vote ❓ As an example, people are constantly complaining about poor road conditions. Most people owning cars would have complained at some point concerning bumps and pot holes the size of the Grand Canyon. Do all of these people vote? A assume not.

    It is apparent that a lot of people decide that voting is a waste of time, but really though, is it going to kill you to get off your couch for once? Someone should almost pass a law that would require us to vote before we are aloud to voice a negative opinion. But, would that make the city too quiet do you think ?? 🙂 Oh, and for the record, I vote too. 😉

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