My Logitech M-BJ58 2000-2008

I just tried to change the LED in my mouse to a Blue LED. Let’s just say it did not quite go as planned. After putting the LED inplace I plugged it in and worked but as I put the clip back in I somehow chipped the printed circut on top. I was thinking that possibly I could use a small wire and follow the circut down further to the next solder point. I miss my mouse.

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2 Thoughts to “My Logitech M-BJ58 2000-2008

  1. hi charles, well I did something that my mouse same type could not stand either

    i turned around the USB connector on the motherboard. this way plus 5 was inverted to minus5

    my mouse is not either working anymore, but i do have hope

    as you have seen the circuit board of the mouse as well.

    what would you suggest is Q1 driven to hell?


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