The first thing I want to start out with is a call I received earlier this week from fundraisers for the Conservative Party. Now I have always supported the party, and in ways still do. This brings me back to March 2005 in Montreal when the party had its last national meeting. Those long sessions debating the policies and constitution of the newly created party.

The ideals of trying to give balance to the bottom-up Alliance to the top-down Progressive Conservatives. Now to see the current leader Stephen Harper disgraces the party by not knowing when to give up. Too many times in history have leaders like Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin and too many others repeat the same level of seeing themselves as the alternative to the status quo, then gain a position of power and do whatever they can to remain in office.

Harper has blatantly in his struggle to maintain power thrown away the policies and constitution of the Conservative Party. One must remember that although the Conservative Party has more MPs the House of Commons does not have a majority and needs to work together.

There needs to be reforms in the way government works, to those ends I propose a new style of government one that still is democratic even slightly more democratic than the current one. Under the current Canadian system of government, there are really six divisions or levels of the federal government. In my system of government, the Monarch will remain the Head of State, however, the monarch will be chosen in principle by the majority of members of the Parliament and all Provincial Legislatures. For example, after the passing of Elizabeth II, Canada may select to follow Great Britain and choose HRH Prince Charles, or skip to HRH Prince William.

The Governor-General will be the only official representative of the Queen, eliminating the Lieutenant Governors in each of the provinces and the Governor-General assuming the responsibilities to the Federal Government and Provincial Legislatures. It is 2008 after all it is not infeasible for the Governor-General to assume all the ceremonial duties, or even request a greater presence from the Monarch in ceremonial functions in Canada. The Governor General is to be chosen by the majority support of the Prime Minister and Provincial Premiers.

The Privy Council in Right of Canada will remain but will be formed by the 39 members, three from each province and territories and will be composed by the percentages of popular votes to the House of Commons. If a party receives 1/39th (2.6%) of the national popular votes, the unelected member from that party with the highest percentage of votes for their riding will be appointed to the Privy Council. The party with the most members will appoint one of their members to be “Prime Minister of Canada.”

The senate would be abolished as I deem it useless.

House of Commons will remain the same but the Party with the most members will appoint one of their members to be “Government Leader of the House of Commons.”

I was going to talk about other topics too, but this post is long enough on its own.

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