New Business

While it is noted on several pages of my website that I am starting a new business venture and it will circle around my site at more details will be available soon.

Still Looking…

It is Day 42 without a job, but I am still looking. As you may have noticed there has been some changes to this site as happens often when I get bored. I recently purchased I had purchased hosting from for it in January, but that did not work so now I have … Continue reading "Still Looking…"

Last day of Classes

Wow it finally came the last day of classes. It has been a very long and hard 13 weeks but now I am glad to be through it. I am looking forward to my exams over the next few weeks. I just got paid my first pay so now I HAVE MONEY! again (to pay … Continue reading "Last day of Classes"

Harvey’s I bid thee ado

After three short months at Harvey’s in Saint John, I departed tonight for the last time. It was one of the most interesting jobs I have had.