I got a new toy.

I am truely wowed!I know the pic has caught your attention, and you are wondering what my new toy is. Well without further ado here it comes… Well maybe now… okay it is the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. This thing is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever owned. I’m sorry MacBook, but can you do panoramas, change colours of items in pictures and HD videos? Okay maybe you can but still the camera is truly cool.

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One thought to “I got a new toy.”

  1. That's a pretty fine camera. I love the idea of a camera that uses AA batteries. It has lots of great features: optional external flash; continuous drive (1.5 fps); manual focus; image stabilization; and face detection (how this works is beyond my knowledge). The only thing that I can find about this camera that I personally don`t like is the size, but I am used to the larger SLR size.

    Be sure to post some photos with it soon. I'm dieing to see what this beast is capable of :o)

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