It’s election time again!

As the signs start rising again leads to another dilemma again of who to vote for. Here are my options with names I’m not even considering crossed off:


Ivan Court

John P. Ferguson

Michelle Hooton

Norm McFarlane

Mike Richardson

Councillor At Large:

Stephen Chase

Susan E. Huestis-Toner

Danny Jardine

Mark LeBlanc

Rick Mantle

Anne-Marie Mullin

Chris Titus

Albert Vincen

Councillor Ward 4:

Bruce Court

Teresa Debly

Kevin Goggan

Carole Keddy

Ralph Landers

Joe Mott

James Whelly

District Education Council District 1

Sub District 9: No one is running

District Education Council District 8

Zone A: Acclaimed

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2 Thoughts to “It’s election time again!

  1. Carole Keddy off my list….she did absolutely NOTHING for Saint John while an MLA….and as her neighbours know….she has a few issues that would NOT make her candidate material. Ask people at the Jarvis Bay Legion or the bar she frequents at the corner of Loch Lomond and McDonald Street..just look for her car there

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