Good Bye, Facebook!

After being an early adopter of Facebook it is now time to move on. Within 14 days my account will be totally deleated forever. Just like the prior Social Netwoks I used to belong to Yahoo! 360, MySpace, MSN Spaces… The new terms of service that gives Facebook rights to all the content you link to is what I found objectionable.
Fear not if you are looking to follow me you can always view me here. Or follow @cefm on Twitter, flixster, There is a list on the left of many options.

3 Thoughts to “Good Bye, Facebook!

  1. I have just read the new facebook terms and I do not understand how they can claim rights to content that is linked to. From what I can understand by this is that if I link to a website, facebook has rights to that content. I do not believe that such a claim can be possible. If I or someone links to copyrighted material(s), the rights to that content should still be 100% ofthe copyright holder. Therfore, I think that what facebook means by claiming rights to linked content means that they possess all rights to how it is used within the facebook environment.

    To think that someone could link to photos on my website on facebook would grant facebook rights to my copyrighted matterial is obserd. I must look into this matter to understand it further, as I currently do not think it makes sense.

  2. The only thing I used to use Facebook for was the Status feed but now I have twitter. Everything I share is here at ( comes here too.)

    Nobody can make me go back.

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