Slamming Empire Theatres

Okay, so instead of a review of a movie I’m going to post about the whole getting into the theatre. This is payback for not showing the new release “New in Town.”

1. Congestion at Entrance.

First off the last renovation to the theater was based on the time when probably 70% of the transactions were cash based. Now that this is not the case there is a large congestion at the point by the arcade. I mean there are several ad-hock lines for the automated machines and the REALLY LONG cash line. It practically is impassable to get past it especially if you are going to the concessions and getting you tickets there. To make it worse the on sight that informs you of this is the one that is in the way and makes the situation worse on a busy Friday/Saturday. And move that sign further near the foot of the ramp.

2. Focus in the Cinemas.

About 20% of the movies that I see are so out of focus that it bothers me at times, like most people would not notice but to a trained eye like mine it does get annoying during some presentations.

3. The Express System

Why can’t you buy tickets from more than one movie at once? Also why can’t you buy single items? Or, items from different categories. This results in needless transaction costs to the theatre, as I have to go through a few times to get everything I want. No the single items go to my next point.

4. The express lanes need more items!

This is ridicules why if I want to just get a Pop why cant I get a ticket run through and grab the pop and head off to my movie. Also New Your Fries could be added as a Regular and Large Fries, and Chocolate Bars should be added as well. And the auto system should allow you to select different items available as mix and match. Of course anything that requires preparation like Nachos, Poutine, and TCBY would not work but the quick stuff, even Hot Dogs maybe. I also don’t think it would be difficult to have a monitor scroll by what I items are being ordered in real time by the automated machines and allow the concession supervisors to optimize the system. E.g. if 5 poutines and 5 pretzel bites combos are ordered on the automated system you may need an extra person over there and the revised express lane would relive some of the line ups.

5. I wanna see the good movies too..

I was really disappointed by not being able to see New in Town, Be Kind Please Rewind, and countless others. I understand that some movies are limited release and some have contracts that are too long for the quality of the movie but. There have been many hyped movies that I have been disappointed that they were not shown.

One thought to “Slamming Empire Theatres”

  1. Charles,

    If you have a problem with movies not coming to theatres, contact the companies that make them/ship them out. IT has nothing to do with the theatre. If you must complain about every single thing that has to do with them movies…then stay home and rent a dvd….or just stay home and stare at a blank screen.

    Friday and Saturday nights have always been busy at the theatres. People know this, and smart people go early as they can to avoid the bulk of the lines, and to get a good seat.

    Express is just that…express. You buy your food ticket at advanced/box office, grab your food and go. Eat supper before you go to the movies if you dont want to wait for food. Oh wait, you're one of the people who doesn't wait for anything in life…you get it handed to you on a silver platter….

    I'm just tired of people like you, who complain for no reason at all. And if you have a problem with something, then ask to speak to a manager…but no, you'll most likely keep your thoughts to yourself, and then be the one who bitches in the lineup, that you have to wait an extra 5 minutes to get your ticket, and you're gonna be late for your movie, because you came late!! It's your own damn fault!

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