A Memorable Mass Transit Story

Remember that one time on the bus, when…? Share your mass transit stories.

One of my best memories on the bus was on an East bus headed to the mall on March 25th, 2004. I happened to run into my friend Tony, we were both heading to the mall. At this point I had my first batch of 25 names on the nomination papers. This was where Tony signed as the witness.

As soon as I got to the mall I instantly went to head back to the north end to file the papers. The first time 8 of my names were rejected as the people who signed were not actually registered to vote. Then the second time 45 minutes later I was 2 names short. Then 25 minutes later, I was officially on the ballot.

When it finally got approved, the first thing I did was to run to every media outlet that I could find and dropped off my Press Release.

Running for Mayor was one of the most interesting times of my life, and all the people and aspects of the community that you get exposed to is unreal.

Then six and a half weeks, and 448 votes later that part of my life was over. Thus leading the way for 2 days later when I left the province on my first vacation and train ride later.

And the travels continue…

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  1. Yeah, most memorable (Acadian Lines) bus trip: Aside from the many times where the bus to/from PEI was pretty much empty, there's one from Victoria Day 2010 that comes to mind. We were just over Kierstead Mountain (leaving Sussex towards Fredericton) when the bus started making beeping noises. Turns out that the bus overheated and they got a replacement bus driven up from Moncton to Fredericton. Needless to say, we were about a half-hour late showing up and apparently those travelling beyond Freddy had to wait an additional hour for the replacement to show up…

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