Wow, what a nail-bitter of an election. After 7 long years of prosperity it is now time for Lord to ride off in the beautiful sunset. New Brunswick is in such good shape now that Graham should have an easy term ahead.

Some of the results were shocking but in the end a Camille Theriault said in 1999. The people of New Brunswick are always right and they have decided it was time to change. But is it really, is our system really right or is it time that it becomes fixed.

When CTV News Atlantic signed off the popular vote (votes of everyone combined) came in the it did not match the real seat count results. 29 Lib / 26 PC / 0 NDP / 0 Ind. Which in percent that works out to 52.7% Lib / 47.3% PC / 0% NDP / 0% Ind. But the popular vote was. 47.7% PC / 47.0% Lib / 5.1% NDP / 0.2% Ind. That in seats would be 26 PC / 26 Lib / 3 NDP. So the question to ask is this. Is this fair that close to 10% of votes in NB do not matter.


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