SJ Port Fireworks & Queen Mary 2

Tonight I went to the Harbour Passage and watched the fireworks presentation paid for and put on by the Saint John Port Athourity. It lasted for around 15 minutes. For Saint John the fireworks were average and, delayed a day from when planned.
I decided to post the best few here now but I took nearly 60 and will post them in my SnapShots gallery once I get home. I on had my iPhone so the pics are not the best for at night.
The ship in the port was Canard Line’s Queen Mary 2. It is a really big vessle for the port. I’m not certain I have ever seen a ship quite as large.

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  1. Hello,

    I did a Google blog search for Saint John, NB. Got a whole bunch of results, most of them seemed political. However, came across this particular post and thought I'd drop a line because I too watched these fireworks from our hotel room window [Fort Howe]. Spectacular!

    We were in Saint John to look for an apartment because we're moving there. We were very successful in our search 🙂

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