Democracy 250 1758-2008… But why only Nova Scotia?

Many people in the Maritimes are being flooded with the Democracy 250 events in Nova Scotia. It is great to see that province get together to recognize the importance of colonial democracy. The legendary ideals the planner of Halifax Mosses Harris, and the Governor Edward Cornwallis, is a legacy that all of the Maritimes can be very proud of. I haven’t been able to track the exact date of when St. John Island (current day Prince Edward Island) split from the Nova Scotia colony, but I believe it was 1759 according to Wikipedia. Also, the colony of New Brunswick was not split off until 1783.

So therefore, I see these as a uniting celebration that we can all be very proud of. However the fact that this celebration is not being openly acknowledged by the leaders of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are truly disheartening. But then again this is New Brunswick, and what else can we expect.

But none the less I wish I that I could make the 18th Century Period Costume Ball but that does not look very likely at the moment. Long Live Democracy. Also prove you care and vote on October 14th democracy only works when people care.

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  1. Good criticism that the D250 message could/should be more widely celebrated. I the CAO for the Town of Berwick so I'm particularly into the D250 initiative. In fact, today, I had lunch with one of the co-chairs of the D250 Committee, former NS premier Russell McClelland. The guy is positively passionate about D250 and we've had many D250 related events around the province over the past few months, many tailored to youth. Even the Town of Berwick is getting $5K to spend on a D250 commemorative project, so we're quite pleased.

    I've subscribed to your blog. Looks like you're having great fun with it. And I'm following you on Twitter too. Precious few of we maritimers are doing the socialmedia thing, but I'm optimistic that will change.

    All the best,


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