Well this week despite being the first week of classes after taking a year and a half off, was fairly uneventful. The old adage that if you don’t use it you will lose it is true. In the Math class for one it is so far covering a lot of the things from Grade 11 which for me was 5 years ago. Last time around all those years ago Ms. Chapman would explain thing very thoroughly so that even the uninterested would learn. Now I have a professor that despite English not being his first language and be slightly difficult communicate his thoughts, is definitely passionate about the course material, and it is early to tell but I think this passion is for all math in general.

I also finally finished all the graphics for the new upcoming season of Too Close to Call. This season is going to be slightly different from last season, but it is sure to be more interesting. The season premier airs live next Sunday (Sept 19th) at 7-8pm on Rogers Television throughout New Brunswick.

I have also been working over the past week, but there really is nothing new to say.

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