I haven’t had an opportunity to update this here blog entry in a while.

A few weeks ago I bought freesmelvin.ca with a new hosting provider all-in-all it is working out fairly well. I am still having trouble setting up a few things in MySQL and postreSQL but that will happen in a bit.

Now basically as it stands now everything has moved from frees-melvin.ca to freesmelvin.ca through a .htaccess file. As to keep all the links working. And all the mail is being forwarded but I am still using frees-melvin.ca to promote everything the new stuff show up at frees-melvin.ca².

I am still working a Harvey’s, it has been seven weeks, which makes it longer than the time I worked at RMh for 6.5 weeks.

I had an interview at Burger King last week, I thought it went well. I should hear something early next week if I get it. Regardless, if I get the opportunity to work at Empire Theatre, I would take it in a heart beat.

On a university note, I’ve got one week to go and not as excited as my second year at St. Thomas, or as scared as my first year there was, but this is something totally new. Still, I know what to expect at UNBSJ and that will accept my new world with open arms.


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