The Tale of Two Frozen Bananas

The Two Frozen Bananas
The Two Frozen Bananas

This past week I was reading a new post on my friend Andrea’s blog. Where she posted about making a dairy free ice cream substitute by pureeing some Bananas. I thought to myself that sounds good especially with the peanut butter they suggest. I also have a can of coconut milk that has sat in the pantry for a while now. In hindsight it now occurs to me that I never read the directions properly, or at all, as I seem to missed an important step. I bought the bananas last night and took two and put them in the freezer. Now what I am stuck with is two perfectly frozen bananas. I missed the part about peeling and slicing before freezing them solid.

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  1. Perfectly preserved… Curious what you ended up doing with them. I kinda want to try this and see what happens, and honestly, I'm not too sure that I would have peeled them first either!

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