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Now I had seen this posted on Shocking News on Yahoo! News and tracked it back to this New York Post article. Now in my past experiences in the wireless industry leaves me seeing this as not a “shocker” I have personally dealt with accounts that the list of usage was so massive it was impossible to do anything. about 21,000 text messages in a month are about the max I have seen to date. But this article goes to those cases where people say with a teenager, “$10 for 2,500 message who would ever use that many?” remember this article.

Now in my personal usage I use 25-60 SMS messages a month, which is mostly to 2-3 people both yonger than I. and personally I only have a plan with 125 messages.

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2 Thoughts to “This Kid’s a Text Maniac – New York Post

  1. She made 14,528 text messages in one month. That is absurd. I have unlimited talk and text to (5) select numbers and I only send maybe 5 texts a month. I wonder if that girl ever makes a phone call with her cell phone, assuming that she remembers how 🙂

  2. Since getting my iPhone 20 months ago, I have definitely become a more avid texter than I once was. Just this past month, I logged a total of 4721 sent/received messages. Now, Apple has done a great job designing and programing their hardware and software, which I strongly feel has something to do with my total. Guess I'm moving up in the world :o)

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