Yes once again the post with a really long esoteric name is a movie reviw post for the following 3 movies I have seen (at least once) over the past week.

Lets start with the biggest New Moon the continuation of the Twilight Saga. I never left a theatre before so wanting to read a book then with this most epic cliff hanger of an ending. The first movie introduces the love story, where the second explains the relationship between the native’s haterid towards the vampires and introduces the senero to be portrade in the final two incarnations, and then stop abruptly that the story is not complete, and disappointment that you must wait for the next one.

The next movie is “I hope they serve beer in hell” for such a long title this is one of the best comedies fo the year, based off a true story, up along the same genre as the Hangover. It crosses elements between Weading Crashers and The Hangover. This is most definately a must see.

The last movie is the Fourth Kind. This is a really bad movie a slight thriller based of a (possibly) true story about abductions across Alaska. It blew, not worth even renting.


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