First off, a detailed post about my trip to Toronto is coming soon. Including the stuff I learned and would like to add about WordCamp Toronto. In addition, I am sorting through the 400 pictures I took over the weekend for a SnapShots album.

I wanted to talk about movies. I have seen several lately although I am way behind this time last year. I have seen a lot of romantic movies and romantic comedies lately. However, it seems that the romantic movie industry seems to be making traditional tragedies lately. They are not happily ever after anymore. Even the Miley Cyrus hit “Last Song” falls into this category, a funeral, seriously. The little weak happy tag ending does not make it better it starts badly in Act One, gets better in act two, then ends badly. That sir is definitely a tragedy in the dramatic sense.

But this a huge trend this year. Valentines Day, When in Rome, Dear John, Chloë, and many others are the same. Is there no hope anymore?

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