Weird News

Haven’t we learned how to settle our differences?

This morning I was reading the Political Blogger Charles LeBlanc’s site when I came across the following little gem.

Worker was confronted by a nut with a Machete because he was making too much noise while shoveling snow on Regent Street in Fredericton.

Doesn’t that just make you want to say OMG! The sad thing is that this is not the only recent event like this. Last week there was the 15-year-old Hampton NB native charged with 2nd degree murder for bringing a kitchen knife over to an alleged sexual assulting drug dealer and killing him in the back or side.

Then about a year ago the guy chasing after another down the streets of uptown Saint John with a freaking broad sword.

I once heard that you are more likely to get stabbed than shot in Canada, does that really make you feel any better?

This Kid’s a Text Maniac – New York Post


Now I had seen this posted on Shocking News on Yahoo! News and tracked it back to this New York Post article. Now in my past experiences in the wireless industry leaves me seeing this as not a “shocker” I have personally dealt with accounts that the list of usage was so massive it was impossible to do anything. about 21,000 text messages in a month are about the max I have seen to date. But this article goes to those cases where people say with a teenager, “$10 for 2,500 message who would ever use that many?” remember this article.

Now in my personal usage I use 25-60 SMS messages a month, which is mostly to 2-3 people both yonger than I. and personally I only have a plan with 125 messages.