Saint John Road Conditions

We have all heard or experience the pot hole haven stories about this city. But, do the numbers support the claims that Saint John is too big for its population to support its roads properly. In fact Saint John has 4x the population per km of road than Bathurst. It would however be interesting to see how well Bathurst does at their own road maintenance.

Below is a table sourced from Statistics Canada 2011 census for population and NB Department of Transportation Road Mileage charts (2012) for the kilometres of road.

These numbers also include provincial designated highways that the cities get a grant to maintain.

City Population KM of Roads Population per KM of roads
Bathurst 4979 184 27.1
Miramichi 17811 325 54.8
Grand Bay-Westfield 5117 87 58.8
Rothesay 11947 149 80.2
Edmunston 16032 199 80.6
Ouispamsis 17886 203 88.1
Saint John 70063 718 97.6
Campbellton 7385 73 101.2
Moncton 69074 541 127.7
Fredericton 56224 429 131.1
Dieppe 23310 153 152.4

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  1. Very interesting facts, Charles – it makes people re-think their position. It would also be interesting to see where Saint John stands when comparing lane km's per resident (width is an equally important consideration as overall length), tax base per km, maintenance budget per km, and maintenance as a percentage of the tax base. We'd really know where Saint John stands on roads then!

    1. The total lane kilometers were only specified for Provincial designated roads. On those roads it is usually 3:1. From research a good average is 2.5:1 that is used in most equations.

      Most cities try to hide these numbers on their websites. This is what I found:

      Percentage of Operating Budget to Public Works:
      Saint John 8% 2011
      Bathurst 22% 2009
      Moncton 18% 2011
      Fredericton 11% 2011

      Which is worse than most but we spend a higher percentage than those cities on Policing, Fire Protection, and Public Transit.

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