Good Bye Facebook!
Good Bye Facebook!

Although I love reading the messages of some of the people who I have accumulated on Facebook, I just can’t stand by for the envision of privacy. I had joined Facebook back in 2006 when it first opened to the public.

I was a fan of social media before that, in fact, it was really the terrible designs in MySpace that convinced me to make the move away from there and Yahoo! 360. I have always used Facebook as a private way to connect with my friends and connections I have acquired. However, in recent privacy changes, Facebook has decided to leave full global access to all the advertisers, Facebook connects users, and any of the hundreds of thousand developers, whether you use their app or not by having just one of your friends to use their services.

If you were one of my contacts then see my contact info page here at this site, or join me on Twitter. So, let’s finish off and let Facebook go off into the sunset as the bagpipes play the “Last Post.”


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