Westmoreland County

Budd Bridge

Budd Bridge – Built 1913

This is the Cocagne River #5 Bridge. Built in 1913 it is 25.3 metres long.

This bridge you must approach from the south. The north route is faster from the main road but as you turn on to this screen you are on the top of the ridge and get to see the most breathtaking view of the whole Cocagne River Valley and can see forever. Trust me just do it.

Interior of Bridge
The Cocagne River
Looking South

Poirier Covered Bridge

Poirier Bridge – Built 1942

Cocagne River #3 Bridge built in 1942 is 41 metres long. This bridge is near Moncton and is semi-remote to get to. The road to it is not the greatest and I stopped a short walk away and walked to the bridge. It is a calm and quiet area and the Cocagne River is cute but not fast-moving like the area around it.

Selfie on the Bridge
This bridge is unique in the crisscross sides.
The Cocagne River downstream from the bridge.

Joshua Gallant Covered Bridge

Joshua Gallant Covered Bridge – Built 1935

This 1935 Shediac River #4 Bridge is the 1st of my non-accessible bridge. It is on the NB Trails system just a short walk from the road. It is in a little valley that has an amazing little river passing through. This is a 25.6m long bridge.

Interior Trusses
View of the river downstream.

Wheaton Covered Bridge

Wheaton Covered Bridge – Built 1916

Tantramar River #2 bridge is the furthest east covered bridge in New Brunswick. Built in 1916, this bridge is 49.7 metres long. This bridge can be seen for a long distance as it is the only structure in a far distance in every direction on the marsh and farmland in this part of the province.

Lattice truss, this is more but not completely rare in covered bridges.