University Writings

Journal Entry Nov 5, 2002

The beautiful white snow is setting softly on the ground. As the first significant snowfall bestows upon us for another year, the gentle little flakes are gliding effortlessly through the air, occasionally moved along by the light winds in the courtyard. The people are stumbling around some not sure, whether or not their next step will be one where their foot hits possible hidden ice beneath the snow.

Journal Entry Nov 3, 2002

Today was the annual Fredericton Rotary Club TV Auction at the Sheraton. This year a computer system ran auction. Instead of having, large boards for the bidding, the operators put the bids into the computer and they were displayed on large 36″ TV’s. My job was to bring up the information on the TV behind one of the auctioneer.

June Callwood

Because I was in class during the time, the June Callwood was speaking in the Ted Daigle Auditorium at St. Thomas University I was originally not going to bother with this assignment. When I went to class, I started hearing all the other stories on this particular guest speaker I decided to do it anyway.

On the evening of November 1st, I sat down and listened to the rebroadcast lecture on the program “Ideas” on CBC Radio One. I turned on the radio to listen but there was very poor reception on my little cheap radio. After spending about five minutes trying to clear up the reception I gave up. Then later I had an insight that I could pick up the signal on CBC Radio One’s web broadcast so after missing fifteen minutes of the broadcast I began listening. Once I first heard the words coming out I became intrigued. I started to take notes but shortly stopped in awe of the remarkable voice of inspiration and experience. I cannot recall anything in part that she said but the words all appeared well-chosen and magical.

Journal- November 1, 2002

Today I did not feel like getting up after spending last night at class lounge playing the game of Risk until late in wee hours of the morning. Looking at my watch in bed it reads, “08:26,” and rolling through my head goes why in the world I signed up for an 8:30 in the morning class.

Journal Entry Oct 18, 2002

Tonight I was filming a hockey game at the Aitken Centre. One thing I noticed is that people will stash their trash into any hole or crevice. Next to the press box, there is a hole in the cement for us to use to feed our camera cables and audio snake through. When I opened the trap door to feed the cables, a pile of trash fell out, enough to fill up two large garbage bags. There were cups from all the big restaurants like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Tim Horton’s. There were napkins, 6-month-old decomposing food, and several other decomposing goods.

Journal Entry Oct 10, 2002

I have a plant decaying on my desk. It has been there since I moved here in September. It has probably been about three to four weeks since it has last watered. I should water it now but I have too much to do and there is not much point since it looks like it is gone for good.  Note: The plant has long since passed on

Journal Entry Oct 9, 2002

Tonight at the Students’ Union meeting, the Vice President of Finance presented the University’s Budget. Although somewhat informative, it really lacked much detail. After an hour and forty minutes when I had to leave, it turned into a debate on buying the old Lieutenant-Governor’s house and trying to find out the large corporations that donated money to the University or the companies the University invests its Endowment Funds in to see if they all have good human rights records.