Saint John Sea Dogs

The QMJHL finals come to Saint John & Moncton

Last night I was at Harbour Station for the game 6 of the QMJHL semi-finals which the Sea Dogs took a 7-1 victory to end the series 4-2.

Despite this, I really think this could cost them dearly. They should have done it in 4. Taking so long well proves that they may not have the steam left that Moncton clearly has in them. This next series will be much more than interesting as the Sea Dogs will give it everything they have left and will not go quietly in the dark.

My prediction is that the Moncton Wildcats take the finals in Game 7.

QMJHL Semi-finals Game 2

Tonight I decided to go see a Sea Dogs game at Harbour Station. If it goes poorly this could be the last game of the year at Harbour Station. Perhaps with all the hockey I’ve done recently on Rogers TV, this is rehab. Even Christina Rogers was here.

The game is starting out very tense, there should be some penalties soon. Although there are slot of people here there are many empty seats. Yeap, there was a tripping penalty and the Tigres have a power play heading into the 2nd Half of the first period. Now the Tigre have a penalty and the Sea Dogs will get a power play in a minute.

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Some Updates

There is this game that I play all the time called There. I have gotten so addicted to that game, that I have left my website go for a while. So now I have just added a few more pictures of what I have been up to in my photo gallery. And I have 3 new burgers to add to The Real Burger section of my site.Last Friday, I was at (hides face) a Saint John Sea Dogs game. That team is truly terrible come on any one can do better than lose 7-0, even though they were playing one of the league’s best teams it seems as if they were not even trying anymore, and gave up to make the Wildcats look better.I am working on a new CMS for this site and will be incorporating a new guest book in the system.