Tethering on McGuinty TTC Cuts NB Power Deal Dead

Since I am in Toronto for WordCamp Toronto 2010 this weekend, I thought I would take this time to update my posts more often. I’m still deciding on my plans of what I’m going to do, but I started the day with some news. First, lets start with some amazing news from my cell phone provider Rogers Wireless. They are announcing something totally new for a phone company, that they actually listen to theirĀ customers.

This must be only the second time that they done something like this. Remember back to July 2008 a revolutionary (changes the way people think of phones) device came to Canada and Rogers after public protest created the $30 6GB data plan. While todays news is better according to the Rogers Blog all (non-roaming, non-shared, 1GB or greater or non-bundled with voice) smartphone data plans will include tethering in their usage as aĀ permanentĀ feature and not a promotion until May.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was not so much about that when the budget was released yesterday that the new TransitCity project to increase the LRT routes, and station renovations. But that it was hidden in the budget and not even mentioned. Come on people, with Toronto being the centre of the Canadian media universe, did they not know that it escalates the fact that you’re a sleaze ball for not helping progress Toronto like a modern city, but that you a bigger sleaze ball for not having the back bone to stand up in OntarioĀ parliamentĀ and tell the people why. In addition, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is the biggest sleaze ball for taking publicity in all the public funding announcements that you are going to do this TransitCity project.

In the end, McGuinty is not as bad New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham that mis-managed the proposed sale of NB Power. The original deal was one that was of a huge mutualĀ benefitĀ to both New Brunswick and Quebec, then made changes to make the deal one that took away theĀ benefitsĀ from both parties. Now the only thing left is theĀ benefit of popularity gains to the Progressive Conservatives for going against a bad revised deal. However, they should not beĀ forgivenĀ for theirĀ oppositionĀ to theĀ original deal.


Last day of Classes

Wow it finally came the last day of classes. It has been a very long and hard 13 weeks but now I am glad to be through it. I am looking forward to my exams over the next few weeks. I just got paid my first pay so now I HAVE MONEY! again (to pay bills šŸ™ )

Also I had my second in-car driving lesson, I think that I am getting better at it then last time.

Also today I am going to start in Radio Shack at McAllister Place for my Rogers Wireless job. I am very excited to work with the people there. Future Shop was great in regards to the people, but there was not a steady flow of customers like I think there will be in the mall.

gtg to my last class MATH1853 so post later.