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  • Toronto, Cabaret, and 25 other warm fuzzys.

    While it has been such a long time since an update so this one might be a little longer than normal. And the full blame of this goes to and I have spent most of my Internet time on those two sites. Some of you might be even reading this from the notes section on Facebook.

    Okay so let us start with Toronto, I took lots of pictures that I will add to my gallery soon, and some very interesting ones at that. The greatest story was the one where I was sitting in the Glenn Gould Studio in the CBC Broadcast Centre as the marble tile fell off of the 60th story of First Canadian Place it shook the ground and nobody really noticed that is Toronto for you. And I went to see the show at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament  www.medievaltimes.comit was defiantly one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life something that I would for sure go see again, and the food was amazing. I’m not sure what the soup was but my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

    I also took a trip up the CN Tower again it was kinda boring I was not the same as my first time the highlight though was watching from the Sky-Pod a truck trying to make an imposable backup turn 142 stories below. But later that day I saw lightning hit it and it was cool wish I could of had a picture of that.

    Oh, and I stayed at the Days Hotel on Carlton again, I was really lucky since I had reservations in another hotel and they were sold out. I was very fortunate to be on the very first WestJet flight out of Saint John, even though I had to suffer the ear piercing horrors of a Bag-Pipe farewell WestJet is soooooo much better experience than I have has in the past with either VIA Rail or Air Canada.


    This is one of the most culturally uplifting shows I have ever seen. The performers were amazing beyond belief. This was definitely the type of show that you could go back and see many many times. There are not many words that can describe the greatness and hard work put forward by the performances of all the actors, and musicians.

    25 other warm fuzzies

    25- May 9th was my 25th birthday, and by tradition, I spend most of it including dinner alone.
    24-My next movie is in the filming stage right now, some of it was even shot in Toronto.
    23-I’m still addicted to
    22-Hi to the Goonz @
    21-I went to Elwoods a few weeks ago and it was good.
    20-I went to O’Leary’s after Elwoods and at was still good.
    19-Gulping half a bottle of Jagermeister before Elwoods and having it come back up and re-swallowing it was “not” a good thing.
    18-Hitting the town with Tony was a good time.
    17-I need to meet-up soon with Tony to revise my script for another project.
    16-Walking against the crowd at Union Station at rush hour was not a good thing.
    15-Sunset at Nathan Phillips Square was breathtaking.
    14-Curry Chicken from the Bay will burn off all your taste-buds.
    13-Daytime is one of the Best TV Shows Ever.
    12-I’m tired so I guess you can use the comments to give me the rest of the fuzzies.
    11-I will write more I swear.

  • Toronto 2007

    Toronto 2007

  • Halifax Rocks!!!

    Wow Halifax was awesome, it took eight hours of busses each way but it was sooooooo worth it. My best friend Tony came along and we had a lot of fun.

    One of the things that we went to see was the Empire IMAX Theater in Bryers Lake. (And we thought it would be an easy walk from Downtown ) The Movie Aliens of the Deep 3D was very good. It was really like we were there and not in a theater, movies will never be the same again.

    After that we finally found our way back downtown and headed to Barrington St. which was dead so we went up 3 streets to Gaffton St. and found Maxwell’s Plum which I thought was a great place to be drinking, but Tony wanted more and went ahead and found Cheer’s where I had such a great time untill 3:30 in the morning when I decided to leave since I had drunk sooo much I could not even stand up.

    Any ways I got to go to work so good-bye for now.

  • Final 2 Days in TO

    OK, well the past two days have been quite interesting. On Friday I went to see the Casa Loma, Baldwin Steps, CBC Building, CHUM City and the Bata Shoe Museum. I never thought I would make it to the top of the Baldwin steps I have never seen so many steps in my LIFE!
    The CHUM Building was a pinnacle moment of the day. The CHUM City Store had more stuff than you can believe! It is 10 times the size of the CBC one. The coolest thing about the CHUM City building is the CityPulse24 Truck coming out the side of the building about 15 metres above the ground with the wheels spinning.

    Speaking of the CHUM building, Friday was one of the saddest days I had in Toronto since it was the Last day of Star Trek: Enterprise I was quite impressed with how the series ended it was quite upholding for Star Trek.

    Yesterday I went to see the Hockey Hall of Fame, It was quite impressive and much larger than I had expected. It was quite erie to see to see Bay Street on a Saturday last time I was there on Thursday at about noon I almost go run over by a wild stamped of people. On a Saturday at noon… Dead!

    After the Hockey Hall of Fame I was headed down Younge Street to Front Street to Union Station. Then as a crossed the street to Union Station there was several gentlemen standing on the corner yelling “Need a Ticket?” I walked by and after 15 seconds I turned around and asked him “Tickets for what?” and he was nice and explained that it was tickets for the Toronto Rock game at the Air Canada Centre (ACC). Knowing how much I love Lacrosse I started to run to the ACC. I bought tickets to the nose-bleed section for $25.75 and a Jersey for $199 + Tax and really enjoyed the game. I think a pro-Lacrosse team would do well in Saint John, much better then a Junior Hockey team.
    Following the lacrosse game I went to the Eaton Centre and bought a clip for my Cell Phone and had my hair cut and hi-lighted red. Then I took a walk down Younge St. for some window shopping.

  • TO Zoo

    I don’t know if I will get to the Yorkdale Mall today, but today the plans are to scout out all the major TV studios, the Casa Loma, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Nathan Phillips Square, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Police Museum, Redpath Sugar Museum, Canada Sports Hal of Fame,, and Old Fort York.

    Here is a funny story from the Toronto Zoo yesterday, at the Polar Bear exhibit the massive bear came out of the water to take a dump, and there was a school class there watching, and they started ewwing like kids do, and when the bear was finished he turned around fast and roared at the kids and scared the living daylights out of the kids one was so scared that she fell on her but and started crying.

  • Trip to Toronto 2

    Before I get started about what I did yesterday, what is it with Alcohol trucks this week the beer truck yesterday, and now today a vodka truck over turned in Hamilton.

    Anyways I went shopping on Bay St. in the morning yesterday, then went back to my hotel room to drop it off. Then I was heading to the zoo, but then I realized I left my Phone in the hotel room so I did not go to the zoo, but since I was all the way out at the Kennedy Station anyways I took the Scarbough RT subway to the end of the line.

    Scarborough really reminds me of Saint John in all reality, there are very few sky rise buildings, lots of trees in the middle of town. The not so crisp smell, and about as clean looking. If I moved to Toronto Scarbrough may be one of the first places I consider.

    I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to visit every subway station. I gave it a break after returning from Kippling station and went for supper at Subway in the entertainment district.

    I went to see the musical Evita last night it was an amazing show. I think I am starting to develop a liking to the performing arts. It was very well acted and very well choreographed. I was sitting pretty much in the dead centre of the second balcony in the Prince of Wales Auditorium. It is almost as nice as the Royal Alexandria but lacks the old historic look. I think I might see some more theatre when I return home to Saint John.

    After the show I decided to finish the final leg of visiting every subway station. At 11pm exactly I arrived in the final one Downsview. There is a large mall up there that I might go check out tomorrow called the Yorkdale Mall.

  • Visit to Toronto

    Last night I went down to the entertainment district and since I jumped on the wrong direction subway, and then the wrong subway station by one station, I was 5 minutes too late to see a show. Momma Mia is being preformed at the Royal Alexandria and Evita at the Prince of Wales Theatre. So then I browsed the strip of restaurants to find a place to eat, but went a few blocks away to Hooters instead. Once again the food was terrible but I had an incredibly nice waitress named, Autumn. After that I headed back to the Hotel and stopped at the Odeon Cineplex and was told by the beggar out front that Moolaite was a good movie. Well it wasn’t a was so board that a fell asleep during the second half.

    I tuned in this morning to Breakfast Television like I normally do and there were two news items I found interesting first was Molson Beer truck flipped over. Then the Parliament vote to get rid of the government.