Wow Halifax was awesome, it took eight hours of busses each way but it was sooooooo worth it. My best friend Tony came along and we had a lot of fun.

One of the things that we went to see was the Empire IMAX Theater in Bryers Lake. (And we thought it would be an easy walk from Downtown ) The Movie Aliens of the Deep 3D was very good. It was really like we were there and not in a theater, movies will never be the same again.

After that we finally found our way back downtown and headed to Barrington St. which was dead so we went up 3 streets to Gaffton St. and found Maxwell’s Plum which I thought was a great place to be drinking, but Tony wanted more and went ahead and found Cheer’s where I had such a great time untill 3:30 in the morning when I decided to leave since I had drunk sooo much I could not even stand up.

Any ways I got to go to work so good-bye for now.


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