Time to pull Mayor Court

One of the major articles from the Telegraph-Journal this week that had caught my attention (Petition would oust Mayor) was the petition by Gerry Webster to recall the mayor. All I can say is where do I sign. No don’t say that I don’t agree with democracy, in fact I believe that petitioning to recall the Mayor is very democratic. I gives everyone the chance to vote on whether to keep the Mayor or pick someone better. Ivan Court in my opinion has not kept up the standard in the first year of his reign that this city needs, and is in fact going to be severely detrimental; as his and councils policies do nothing more than chase businesses out of the city.

On the other hand I see that Fredericton would be probably the most likely and willing to nail the tomb on Saint John. In a historical perspective the city of Fredericton was created because of all the morons and poor decisions of Saint Johners.

It would be very interesting to see who would come out of the woodwork that could beat Mayor Court. The fact that it only takes 15% of the electorate is a good number that that people will not pull the Mayor as that number mean the “do not rock the ship” people will need to convert to pull the mayor. Which I think people believe the Mayor needs to go if not because of what he done but because the Telegraph-Journal told them so. (Follow-up on the Mayor won’t quit) (Follow up article if it was legal)


There ain’t no flies on us!

Once again it is summer. Last week something happened at work that got me remembering the amazing days of summers past spent at Camp Glenburn. Glenburn has to be one of the best places in New Brunswick to promote active living. It is on the south shore of the Bellisle Bay on a big hill that about every 2 hours you would go up and down. When you were up you were up, when you were down you were down and when you were only half way up…

I had spent 4 summers there, the first was the year before the boathouse, the second was the year they built the boathouse, and the third was the year after the boathouse was built, and the final was when I was 16 in 1998. One of my most favorite activities was canoeing, Especially when one year we went to the island in the bay east of the camp, and the other year when we went to a beach across the bay and to the west. And then there was the treks way up the hill to Mt. Baldy however it was in hindsight just a huge rockface and not really a mountain. Continue Reading


Okay, or maybe Save Local that gives a $#!+

While in my last post I may have took the position that Saving Local is not important. That is not true. I am against CTV and Global who have for the last few years, mainly CTV, treated New Brunswick as a second class maritime province in terms of share of news coverage and local programming.

Now on to the main topic of this post, CBC Radio 1 in Saint John. In reality Saint John has about 4 main contacts for news CHSJ, CBC, CHNI, and Telegraph-Journal. However, only the Telegraph-Journal and CBC provide the depth of information and understanding of our community as a whole. Despite radio being close to a hundred year old technology. The style of the CBC just draws you in and is never shallow on good storytelling.

Technically speaking the CBC does have a trend on over staffing on productions on the TV end but with the radio it takes less people to technically produce the shows so that leaves cutting the staff as ripping out pages from the unpublished book, still there but more shallow. I definitely plan on attending the rally in King’s Square this weekend.

We Want Our CBC


Why not to “Save Local”

Today I seem ads on CTVGlobeMedia stations that are urging the government to require cable/satellite distributors to pay for distributing the signal. I think this is just plain wrong. Here in Saint John there are 4 broadcast stations CBAT (CBC Fredericton but licensed and has its main transmitter in Saint John), CKLT (Has no programming differences from CJCH (CTV Atlantic) in Halifax, NS), CIHF-TV-2 (a semi satellite of CIHF-TV known as Global Maritimes from Halifax.), and CBAFT-1 which is a re-transmitter of CBAFT the Radio-Canada Moncton feed.
When it comes to local programming CTV is the absolute worst, as I have noted before at most has 2 stories from the Saint John area and 4-5 total from the entire Province of New Brunswick on a good day. Global TV despite their severe cut backs have managed to keep their news stories basically equal per province.
The basics is that all 4 of these broadcasters offer their signals for free over-the-air (a.k.a. poverty-vision). The cable company simply re-transmits the feed via an antenna to cables to the subscribers. Why should we pay to have something that we get for free anyway? In fact this even benefits the TV stations by making it more convenient to watch the stations resulting in more viewers rather than switching over to better content from away. Thus removing ad dollars.

In less dense markets like the Maritimes TV must come up with a different model in order to survive. Depending on a single news program is clearly not the way to go, but neither is alienating the viewers by making some pay, while others do not. Do we consider a TV tax like the United Kingdom? I don’t thinks so either but fees must not be duel standard. The CRTC recently made a decision that requires distributors to no longer require a bundle of channels. In this schema you can choose to not purchase stations, adding fees will just doom local programming to certain failures.


All the photos taken for the website are now on Flickr

We have taken over a thousand photos over the four days. Instead of choosing the best I am posting all the “in focus” photos for the weekend on flicker. If you see a photo you like and want the original high resolution .jpg file for free you may e-mail me at charles@cefm.ca. Be sure to comment on the photos as well so everyone can know what you think if the photos.

Photos on Flicker


Moncton takes Cornwall 5-4 in Finals Action

After a long weekend here at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink here in Saint John NB, the Moncton Mark’s Work Wearhouse Flyers are on their way to Selkirk MB for the Telus Cup after the most intense battle of the tournament.

In first period action, Moncton’s Gino Goguen comes out with an early hooking penalty that Cornwall’s Darcy Ashley took advantage of for the period’s only goal at 1:00 this period featured lots of physical action with few shots on goal.

The second period started out like the first with an early penalty by Alex Saulnier leading to Cornwall’s Brent Andrews landing a power-play goal at 1:33. That goal released Alex Saulnier from the box who thirty-two seconds later at 2:03 scored on Cornwall goaltender Devon Cudmore. Later a 6:46 Moncton’s Jean-Marc Leger ties up the game with Flyers second goal. Then the Flyers lay two more goals on with Curtis Leet #18 and Alex Saulnier #21 at 11:54. However, Cornwall not wanting to go quietly in the night respond at 13:46 with their third goal by Brandon Carter #16.

The third period was filled with eight penalties and a goal apiece for Cornwall’s star Jordan Costello (11:09) and Moncton’s Gino Goguen. Shots on goal were 24-21 in the Flyers favour.

There were over a thousand photos taken during the tournament many will be posted here over this week.

Final Game- HNB at HPEI

Home Team: Cornwall Thunder (HPEI)

Guest Team: Moncton Flyers (HNB)

Start Time: 1pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: TBD

Linesmen: TBD


HPEI121 0 0 4
HNB 0 41 0 0 5

Shots on Goal

HPEI57 9 0 0 21
HNB612 7 0 0 24

Starting Goaltenders

Home: Devon Cudmore #29

Guest: Aaron Hamilton #31


First Period

1:00 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 Assist- Brent Andrews #9 and Jordan Costello #11 PPG

Second Period

1:33 HPEI- Brent Andrews #6 Assist- Darcy Ashley #7 PPG

2:05 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Tyrone Sock #3 and Pierre Durepos #23

6:46 HNB- Jean-Marc Leger #16 – Unassisted PPG

10:44 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 Assist- Sawyer Hannay #27

11:54 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 – Unassisted

13:46 HPEI- Brandon Carter #16 Assist- Brody MacDonald #18 and Brent Andrews #9

Third Period

11:09 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 Assist- Brent Andrews #9 PPG

14:18 HNB- Gino Gougen #12 Assist- Tyrone Sock #3 and Allain Saulnier #19 PPG


First Period

0:15 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Hooking (2:00)

5:00 HNB- Joslin Gallant #25 – Tripping (2:00)

7:57 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 – Hooking (2:00)

10:36 HPEI- Dylan McGuigan #19 – Crosschecking (2:00)

Second Period

0:30 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 – Slashing (2:00)

5:26 HPEI- Matt Kelly #2 – Slashing (2:00)

8:00 HPEI- Matt Myers #22 – Tripping (2:00)

14:27 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Goaltender Interference (2:00)

14:35 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 – Slashing (2:00)

Third Period

0:07 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 – Tripping (2:00)

4:15 HNB- Sawyer Hannay #27 – Interference (2:00)

6:23 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 – Hooking (2:00)

9:08 HNB- Pierre Durepos #23 – Holding (2:00)

10:40 HNB- Curtis Leet #18 – Hooking (2:00)

13:17 HPEI- Darcy Ashley #7 – Hooking (2:00)

17:58 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Tripping (2:00)

19:58 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 – Tripping (2:00)

Team MVP Awards

Home: #4 Ken Costello

Away: #16 Jean-Marc Leger