WordCamp Halifax

  • WordCamp Halifax 2017

    Yesterday was my 8th WordCamp, the first one ever held in Atlantic Canada.

    Dalhousie University was a great location, and the buildings are very modern but historic looking at the same time. As for Halifax the city, it was meh. I didn’t spend much time elsewhere as the traffic and confusing signs stressed me out.

    I got to see some very interesting presentations my favourites in order were: Shelly Peacock’s The “No Badger” Zone, Sarah Rennick’s You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Your First Born To Make A Child Theme, Laura Hawkins’ Tips For Creating Effective Site And Blog Content, Kathryn Presner’s A CSS Adventure, Jean-Francois Arseneault’s Guardians of the Website, and Chris Van Patten’s It Doesn’t Have To Hurt: Bringing Modern Dev Practices to WordPress.

  • Waiting for the next talk. #wchfx

    Waiting for the next talk. #wchfx

    Waiting for the next talk. #wchfx

    Photo Caption: Waiting for the next talk. #wchfx

    Photo taken at: Dalhousie University