Covered Bridges 2020

Patrick Owens Covered Bridge

Patrick Owens Covered Bridge – Built in 1909

Rusagonis River #2, built in 1909 is 70.4 metres long.

Interior of Bridge
View of the river.
Covered Bridges 2020

Smyth Covered Bridge

Smyth Covered Bridge – Built 1912

South Oromocto River #2, built in 1912 is 41.5 metres long. This bridge has a nice little park that would be great for a picnic.

Interior of bridge.
View of river.
Covered Bridges 2020

Hoyt Station Covered Bridge

Hoyt Station Covered Bridge – Built 1936

Back Creek #2, built in 1936 is 28.8 metres long.

Chipped Shingle
Internal view of the bridge.
View from bridge.