Urban Renewal Saint John (Book Website)

Created for Brenda McDermott to promote and sample her book on the Urban Renewal period of Saint John. The website can still be found at http://www.ursj.ca.

The Badger Hunter

Welcome to the Homepage for the CEFM Productions / Eagle Nest Shows Entertainment co-production of “The Badger Hunter” Episode 1 – On The Trail Of Ecstasy Release Date: August 2, 2011 Production Stage: Released

Novel: Untitled

Novel Currently Untitled Roger was having an average day. Roger was sitting at his office desk, pondering whether or not he was truly happy in his life. Roger was moderately financially well off, but was not really where he planned to be. Roger is a thirty year old accountant who has always followed the crowd … Continue reading "Novel: Untitled"

Thought Piece

When reviewing the subject of the course I am reminded of when I started to research something a while back. I started writing and entry for my blog on whether the “Digital Revolution” was really or not a revolution that lead to a bigger philosophical question of other revolutions throughout history. Then, I started to … Continue reading "Thought Piece"

Crushed Beautifully 2

Independent Short Film Starring: An empty crushed bottle of Dr. Pepper Direction, Camera and Editing: Charles E. Frees-Melvin and Tony Tompkins ©2008 CEFM Productions