A review of my various creative works.

  • Daytimes of Christmas

    Daytimes of Christmas

    These elements were created in Corel Draw 12, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Adobe AfterEffects 6.

    The goal of this project was by changing a few basic elements to an existing show design seamlessly blend in a holiday theme that still made the show look like the original. This project was first conceived on a Friday and needed to be ready to go on air live the following Monday morning. About 12 hours went into this project. The project consisted of re-editing the end of the existing show theme in Avid, a 10-second Bumper, a themed moving background, and a plain background for credits. And changes to the show CG elements of a logo change, a new bug, and show and remove animations.


    Show Bug


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  • RTV Council

    RTV Council

    At the beginning of the 2004-2005 season, I had redesigned the Common Council coverage graphics. These were replaced in January of 2005 with the current standardized graphics. Here are the graphics used in the Fall of 2004.

    The images above may not be reproduced on any site other than cefm.ca.

  • On-Air Appearances

    Television Appearances

    Guest Appearance: Daytime (Saint John Edition) {Rogers Television}(November 2006)

    Reporter: Too Close To Call “Saint John Sea Dogs’ Mike Thomas Interview” {Rogers Television} (October 2006)

    Reporter: First Local “Hockey Canada Interview” {Rogers Television October 2006)

    Turned Around in Background: Scott Thomas “My Way” Promo {Rogers Television} (2006-2007 season)

    Interviewed at a Stephen Harper Rally: Rick Mercer Report {CBC-TV} (January 2006)

    Sitting in Chair Laughing: Volunteer @ Rogers Promo {Rogers Television} (2005-2006 season)

    Interviewed in Montreal: Rick Mercer Report {CBC-TV} (March 2005)

    Guest Appearance: Municipal Vote 2004 Candidates Messages {Rogers Television}(2004)

    Reporter: Focus NB {Rogers Television} (2002-2003)

    Radio Appearances

    Guest Appearance: Talk of the Town (CFBC 930 AM Saint
    John) (2004)

    Debate Participant: CBC Saint John’s Information Morning
    (91.3 FM) (2004)

    News Director/Announcer: CHSR News at Noon (2002)

    Band Interviewer: CHSR 97.9 FM Fredericton (2002)

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    Halifax Look-Out

    Independent Film

    Starring: Tony Tompkins & Charles Frees-Melvin

    Direction, Camera and Editing: Tony Tompkins

    ©2005 Wolverine Pictures

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    Crushed Beautifully

    Independent Short Film

    Starring: An empty crushed can of Arizona Fruit Punch (Pictures were taken with my Nokia 6620 Mobile Device)

    Direction, Camera and Editing: Charles E. Frees-Melvin

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    Johnny’s Coupon Book 2006 SJ

    After my employment with Johnny’s Coupons ended, CEFM Webgroup (my former company) was contracted to do the publication design work for the 2006 Saint John Edition. Here is the PDF of the book as a sample of my work, Copy/Paste, Printing, has been disabled.

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  • Various Branding

    Various Branding

    After my employment with Johnny’s Coupons ended, CEFM Webgroup (my company) was contracted to do the publication design work for the 2006 Saint John Edition. Here are some coloured logos that I had created for this book. As well there are logos I created for a website I was planning on making but never did, and political logos I have made over the past years.

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  • CPCSJEDA and John Wallace Election Sites

    CPCSJEDA and John Wallace Election Sites

    These are screenshots of two web sites I designed for the Conservative EDA. These were templates on a Mambo Core. I have also designed the current site that operates on a Joomla Core.

  • 2C2C Season 3

    2C2C Season 3

    During the 2004-2005 season, there was a redesign done of the graphics for Too Close to Call. The logo and the Orange texture were from the Original Designs created by Ashley Duckerin.

    The images above may not be reproduced on any site other than cefm.ca.

  • Johnny’s Coupons Website

    Johnny’s Coupons Website

    While employed with Johnny’s Coupons I redesigned johnnyscoupons.com that included about 50 pages of content and an SSL OSCommerce shopping cart. This site includes a CSS table and PHP includes for the menu and footers.