• Barron writer does not understand nature of Saint John

    Barron writer does not understand nature of Saint John

    A real breakdown of Saint John
    A real breakdown of Saint John

    Today I picked up a copy of The Barron, UNB Saint John’s student-produced paper. I came across the article “Travelling around Saint John: what you need to know” by staff writer Simon Jack. It does not take long for one to realize the writer did not understand the history of Saint John or the Transit system.

    The first point so I can move on was the reason he did not find information on the “Night Owl” run was that it was cancelled in Spring 2008.

    Now to the areas of Saint John, to refer to drawing a random line to determine the limits of both Millidgeville and South End is vastly poor research. The boundary for Millidgeville dates back to the 1950’s era boundary of city limits. Basically, the official boundary is if a line was drawn from Somerset Street and Sandy Point Road westward to Pokiok Point that was the city limits pre-amalgamation in Saint John.

    To define the South End one has to go much further back in time, back to 1785 (the beginning.) The Royal Charter that created Saint John defined the 4 wards of the “South Central” peninsula was split into quarters at Duke and Sydney Streets. The upper class mostly lived in the west side of the harbour, or northern two central wards. The poor (very broke poor) lived to the southern wards of Duke Street making the “South End” boundary Duke Street. Through the next 20-30 years, the South-enders made money suing the rich for literally everything. Leading to the creation of New Brunswick’s first Law School, which lead to UNB’s School of Law, as there were not enough lawyers to handle the workload.

    In conclusion, it also needs to be pointed out the reasoning for the layouts of the streets have much to do with them being planned before those areas were part of Saint John in many cases.

  • Change


    Me and my hat.

    As you can see CEFM.ca has a fresh clean new look. It is a metaphor for things happening in my life now. I am preparing for the bittersweet life of Academia. I am returning to UNBSJ in a little over a week only this time I have a plan. I am intending to complete my BA with an Economics Major and History minor.

    I am also going to take a stab at the LSAT next month. I haven’t started studying yet for it. C’est la vie of the eternal procrastinator.

    I am also happy to announce that the goals I have set to lose weight are moving in the right direction. I have not been able to get to the gym this week, my old back injury from High School just came back. However, it did a big snap that really hurt Wednesday while running for the bus and is tender but it feels like it repositioned in the right way for the first time in a long time. I should be able to head back next week.

    I’m considering moving my Gallery section to Gallery3 however it is not ready yet and there are no themes at the current moment that meet my PHP knowledge level to modify to the new WordPress theme that I am using now.

  • The Save UNBSJ Effort

    I was just reading my e-mail and I received one about the effort against the plans to convert UNB Saint John into a polytechnic university or do a merger with NBCC Saint John. The e-mail linked another site http://livingininterestingtimes.wordpress.com/ and I thought I would just post about it here. On one hand I think that losing a full university such as UNB Saint John could be a bad thing, but the polytechnic university concept might be interesting, there doesn’t seem to be a University in the area like the caliber that some polytechnics like Ryerson have.

  • Better Policy Needed to Deal with Bus Congestion

    I have a concern I’ve noticed happening more often on buses over the past month or so. This effect is happening on the Hospital / UNB and East / West Routes.

    As the buses are approaching capacity there are normally about three to seven seats left in the rear of the bus, however many UNBSJ students will notice only that there are no seats in the front of the bus and will stand half-way between the front and rear doors, causing a backlog of people standing.

    I would suggest that the Transit Commission make it policy that all standers must stand in the back of the bus to make it clearer that there are free seats remaining. In addition, I would ask that you contact the University to send out an e-mail to students advising them of this.

  • Has it been that long?

    I haven’t had an opportunity to update this here blog entry in a while.

    A few weeks ago I bought freesmelvin.ca with a new hosting provider all-in-all it is working out fairly well. I am still having trouble setting up a few things in MySQL and postreSQL but that will happen in a bit.

    Now basically as it stands now everything has moved from frees-melvin.ca to freesmelvin.ca through a .htaccess file. As to keep all the links working. And all the mail is being forwarded but I am still using frees-melvin.ca to promote everything the new stuff show up at frees-melvin.ca².

    I am still working a Harvey’s, it has been seven weeks, which makes it longer than the time I worked at RMh for 6.5 weeks.

    I had an interview at Burger King last week, I thought it went well. I should hear something early next week if I get it. Regardless, if I get the opportunity to work at Empire Theatre, I would take it in a heart beat.

    On a university note, I’ve got one week to go and not as excited as my second year at St. Thomas, or as scared as my first year there was, but this is something totally new. Still, I know what to expect at UNBSJ and that will accept my new world with open arms.