This week I was looking into buying a new TV. I know for sure that I’m not looking at a plasma. When the sales representative was explaining the different TVs she started describing LED TVs as better TVs. This led to the question, isn’t a LED TV a LCD display. The answer I got was … Continue reading "LED vs. LCD"

I got a new toy.

I know the pic has caught your attention, and you are wondering what my new toy is. Well without further ado here it comes… Well maybe now… okay it is the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. This thing is the most amazing piece of technology I have ever owned. I’m sorry MacBook, but can you do … Continue reading "I got a new toy."

HD-DVD 2006-2008

I never really expected to see this, this morning the DVD Forum is about to abandon HD-DVDs. Once again a format can be added the Hall of “you never had a chance” along with other failures like Beta, 8-Track, and not to forget LaserDisk.