Daytimes of Christmas

These elements were created in Corel Draw 12, Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Adobe AfterEffects 6.

The goal of this project was by changing a few basic elements to an existing show design seamlessly blend in a holiday theme that still made the show look like the original. This project was first conceived on a Friday and needed to be ready to go on air live the following Monday morning. About 12 hours went into this project. The project consisted of re-editing the end of the existing show theme in Avid, a 10-second Bumper, a themed moving background, and a plain background for credits. And changes to the show CG elements of a logo change, a new bug, and show and remove animations.


Show Bug


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Merry Holiday Day!

As the year winds down I would like to thank you for reading my site there has been many changes for me over the past year. Not to mention this site moving 4 TIMES!!! since this time last year. Hopefully this will remain my home for years. It is paidĀ for till November 2004 anyways. Enjoy your December 25th it only comes once a year!