Game 3: St. John’s 5 @ Saint John 2

If an image could say a thousand words than all you need is this first picture to describe this 1st period here tonight at the Lord Beaverbrook Rink. The Fog Devils coming from their tired first game loss, left Saint John behind with a 3-1 score at the end of the 1st period St. John’s goals were by Michael Cole (x2) and Robert Cale with one goal by Vito’s Greg Edgecome.

In the second period action the Fog Devils (Gillard) and Vito’s (Carter) end the period one goal a peace. However the Fog Devils were out-shot. (8-6) Will this mean the Fog Devils have run out of steam to keep their 4-2 lead? Only the 3rd period will tell.

Despite being almost 2-1 out-shot in the third period the Fog Devils not only managed to hold on to their lead, but increased it with a final fifth goal (Bussey) late in the 5th period.

Play continues tomorrow starting with Cole Harbour (HNS) vs. Moncton (HNB) at 10am, followed by Saint John (Host) vs. Cornwall (HPEI) at 1:30pm, then Cole Harbour returns at 5pm to take on St. John’s (HNL). Finishing off the evening will be the “Battle of New Brunswick” with Moncton (HNB) vs. Saint John (Host) at 8pm to be broadcast live on Rogers TV and Saturday @ 6pm on NewSong FM.

Home Team: Saint John Vito’s (Host)

Away Team: St. John’s Fog Devils (HPEI)

Start Time: 8pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: Ryan Murphy

Linesmen: Michael Homer


Host11 0 0 0 2
HNL311 0 0 5

Shots on Goal

Host6812 0 0 26
HNL 10 67 0 0 23


First Period

0:32 HNL- Michael Cole #16 Assist- Andrew Ryan #19

1:42 Host- Greg Edgecombe #14 Assist- Mike Richard #9 and Andrew Dolan #16

6:47 HNL- Michael Cole #16 (Unassisted) PPG

13:23 HNL- Robert Cale #22 Assist- Mitchell Martin #15

Second Period

6:50 Host- Josh Carter #19 Assist- Robert Green #25

17:47 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 Assist- Andrew Sullivan #24 and Ryan Walsh #4 PPG

Third Period

16:17 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 Assist- Cody Squires #10 and Marcus Power#8


First Period

2:55 Host- Jared Hicks #10 – interference (2:00)

4:48 Host- Robert Green #25 – interference (2:00) / Slashing (2:00)

7:30 Host- Jordan Bruce #18 – Cross-Checking (2:00)

10:39 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 – Tripping (2:00)

Second Period

4:25 Host- Robert Green #25 – Slashing (2:00)

7:06 Host- Matt Bursey #20- Slashing (2:00)

11:30 HNL- Brandon Bussey #27 – Tripping (2:00)

12:12 HNL- Ryan Walsh #4 – Hooking (2:00)

16:42 Host- Aidan Kelly #22 – interference (2:00)

16:42 HNL- Cody Squires #10 – Delay of Game (5:00)

16:42 Host- Matt Bursey #20 – Delay of Game (5:00)

Third Period

0:55 Host- Robert Green #25 – Holding (2:00)

2:23 HNL- John Bursey #2 – Roughing (2:00)

4:46 HNL- Zach O’Brien #9 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct Diving (2:00)

15:03 Host- Cody Kennedy #11 – Tripping (2:00)

17:46 HNL- Jacob Pitcher #11 – Slashing (2:00)

Team MVP Awards




Game 2: HPEI 3 @ HNS 2

After the first period of play the Cole Harbour McCains have a 2-0 lead over the Cornwall Thunder. The goals were scored by Dillman and Mock. Cornwall seamed to be hindered by heavy penalties. During the second period the tables turned as Cole Harbour started receiving the penalties and Cornwall coming back with two goals from Costello and Smallman tied the game up 2-2. The game was quickly decided in the first 30 seconds of the third period with a game misconduct penalty by Cole Harbour’s Matthew English for checking from behind. Foiled immediately by the tie-breaking goal at 0:30 in the third period by Brody McDonald. The shots on goal for the game were 24-23 for Cole Harbour.

Coming up at 7:30pm here at the LBR will be the opening ceremonies at 7:30pm followed by at 8pm the play resumes with the Fog Devils facing the Host team Saint John Vito’s.

Home Team: Cole Harbour McCains (HNS)

Away Team: Cornwall Superior Sanitation Thunder (HPEI)

Start Time: 4pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: TBD

Linesmen: TBD


HNS2 0 0 0 0 2
HPEI 0 21 0 0 3

Shots on Goal

HNS1185 0 0 24
HPEI977 0 0 23


First Period

15:27 HNS- Luke Dillman #22 Assist- J.P. Harvey #17 and Jordan Mock #8

18:50 HNS- Jordan Mock #8 Assist- J.P Harvey #17  and Luke Dillman #22

Second Period

4:33 HPEI- Jordan Costello #11 PPG

9:38 HPEI- Jason Smallman #28 Assist- Zachery Evans-Renaud #3

Third Period

0:30 HPEI- Brody McDonald #18 Assist- Jordan Costello #11 and Darcy Ashley #7 PPG


First Period

6:07 HPEI- Matt Kelly #2 – Hooking (2:00)

10:36 HNS- Jordan Mock #8 – Tripping (2:00)

11:04 HPEI- Spencer Montgomery #14 – Boarding (2:00)

19:48 HPEI- Kendall Costello #4 – Hooking (2:00)

Second Period

4:13 HNS- Mitchell Manyard #4 – Goaltender Interference (2:00)

5:10 HNS- Jordan Mock #8 – Boarding (2:00)

12:34 HPEI- Brandon Carter  #16 – Holding (2:00)

18:51 HNS- Michael Crawley #21 – Hooking (2:00)

Third Period

0:17 HNS- Matthew English #15 – Checking from Behind (Game Misconduct)

Team MVP Awards

Home: Luke Dillman #22

Away: Jordan Costello #11


Game 1 HNL 3 at HNB 4

After the first period of play, the Moncton Flyers have a 1-0 lead over the St. John’s Fog Devils. The first goal (pictured below) was by Alex Saulnier assisted by Allain Saulnier at 15:28.

The second period was full of action as the scoring at the end of the period the Flyers have a single goal lead with a 4-3 score tied up at 3 goals apiece.  The goals this period were score by HNL- Michael Cole #16 Assist- Alex Powell # 5 and Zach O’Brien #9, HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Gino Goguen #12 (Photo Below), HNB- Pierre Durepos #23 Assist- Gino Goguen #12 (Power Play Goal), HNL- Andrew Ryan #19 Assist- Zach O’Brien #9 and John Bursey #2, HNL-  Andrew Sullivan #24 Assist- Brandon Bussey #27, and HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 Assist- Alex Saulnier #21 Gino Gouen #12 (Power Play Goal). The third-period action resulted in no goals.

The final scores for the game were 4-3 Moncton giving the Flyers a two-point lead in the round robin standings. The shots on goal for the game were 24-20 for the St. John’s Fog Devils.

Coming up at 4 pm here at the LBR will be HPEI’s Cornwall Thunder at HNS Cole Harbour Major Midgets.

Followed by the opening ceremonies at 7:30 pm and at 8 pm the play resumes with the Fog Devils facing the Host team Saint John Vito’s.

Home Team: Moncton Mark’s Work Wearhouse Flyers (HNB)

Away Team: St. John’s Fog Devils (HNL)

Start Time: 1pm

Arena: Lord Beaverbrook Rink

Referee: Jeff Hopkins

Linesmen: David Connell and Matt Kingston



Shots on Goal



First Period

15:28 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Allain Saulnier #19

Second Period

1:08 HNL- Michael Cole #16 Assist- Alex Powell # 5 and Zach O’Brien #9

3:35 HNB- Alex Saulnier #21 Assist- Gino Goguen #12

6:45 HNB- Pierre Durepos #23 Assist- Gino Goguen #12 PPG

14:15 HNL- Andrew Ryan #19 Assist- Zach O’Brien #9 and John Bursey #2

14:35 HNL-  Andrew Sullivan #24 Assist- Brandon Bussey #27

19:29 HNB- Allain Saulnier #19 Assist- Alex Saulnier #21 Gino Goguen #12 PPG


First Period

3:00 HNB- Rejean Martan #11 – Tripping (2:00)

8:24 HNB- Nick Smith #24 – Hooking (2:00)

13:25 HNB- Matt Leblanc #9 – Goaltender Interference (2:00)

Second Period

6:10 HNL- Ryan Walsh #4 – Hooking (2:00)

15:01 HNB- Jordan Murray #26 – Bench Misconduct (2:00)

18:51 HNL- Andrew Sullivan #24 – Tripping (2:00)

Third Period

3:17 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Unsportsmanlike Misconduct (2:00)

3:17 HNL- Steve Gillard #44 – Holding (2:00)

10:07 HNB- Gino Goguen #12 – Holding Stick (2:00)

Team MVP Awards

Home: Allain Saulnier #19

Away: Michael Cole #16


Fitness and Personality Watchmen

I’m going to start today’s post with the fact that I have joined a gym. My friend Andrea finally convinced me to join Nubody’s (Now GoodLife). I bought the membership on Thursday and finally went yesterday. Despite feeling a little sore and tired today, I actually feel better. Despite the fact that I have a lot of weight that I should lose, I am actually quite hesitant to set goals/benchmarks at this point. It has been since 2002 since I last regularly worked-out in a gym. The most exercise I have done recently is walking to work from missing the bus. Which according to Google Maps is 3.4 km which should take 39 minutes. I usually take 45-50 minutes to do it, Although I have done it in a “Vindaloo” walk in 32 minutes. (While listening to “Vindaloo” on my iPod. in one song loop mode.)

The next topic is to discuss personalities. I was recently updating my profile for the site StumbleUpon which one of the selections is personality type. Being unsure what the meaning of the letters were I did a quick Google search and found this site that offered a free personality quiz. I took the test and got these results.

Extravert, iNtuitive, Thinker, Judger (ENTJ)

ENTJs represent between 2 and 5% of the U.S. population.

Natural leaders with a hearty and frank style, ENTJs tend to take charge of any situation they find themselves in. They are good organizers of people because they have the ability to see ahead and then communicate their vision to others. Usually friendly and outgoing, ENTJs have a lot of energy, often speaking, thinking and moving quickly. Excellent strategic thinkers, they grasp new concepts quickly, even complicated or complex issues and they generally convey confidence. ENTJs often juggle several projects at once and pride themselves on completing them all with skill and efficiency. Creative and innovative, most ENTJs enjoy developing a high-level strategy and leading a team or organization towards implementation. Because ENTJs are so logical and analytical, they are usually good at anything that requires reasoning and intelligence. Driven to achieve competence in all they do, they can naturally spot the flaws that may exist in a situation and see immediately how to improve them.

Then I recall learning this during my second university stint in the class “Introduction to Organizational Behavior.” I never did well in that class. I was constantly disputing the theories involved in it but now in hindsight that maybe might have been due to the fact of my personality type…or that I did not study.

While I am at it I might as well include a review of a movie. Yesterday after the gym I went to the theatre to see “The Watchmen.” I really like the story and the acting was really good. However, the editing and attention to detail were very poor. In the Dr. Manhattan farewell scene as Silk Specter II’s hair is blowing in the wind it is filled with a green light from the green screen instead of the proper background. CEFM Rating: 3.5/5


The foggy path to…?

It is very peculiar how many opportunities pose themselves all at once and yet you need to make a decision is this the right road, do you go aimlessly strait or do you sit and wait on the trail for a better option to come around then doing nothing.

If you wait that opportunity might come or you might be on a deserted foggy road just waiting to be rained on. Like the old saying “When it rains, it pours.” Is it time to take the diversion from the path and when you do it is always a massive suffocating web, a web so sometimes scary that it is often overwhelming not only in size but in magnitude (I always wanted to use that word in a post).

Right now I am approaching that there are 4 options to the future. All diversions could be challenging, costly, very risky and possible overwhelming, but in the end (I love that phrase too) it could be so overwhelmingly rewarding that words could not describe.

Earlier this week, and last week too I saw “The Nanny Diaries” (CEFM Rating: 4.5/5) which I must recommend as a very rewarding film to see. It is basically the age old story about “Who am I, Really?” and taking a break to dig deep and figure our you destiny. It has now been 5 years and 11 jobs since I decided to take this break, now I am at the point where I feel comfortable and am yet troubled by the yearning to decide in the screenplay that has become my life what comes next. If I were in a book this would be a chapter end point, or maybe the conclusion of the intermission in a great Broadway musical.

Why am I here…? Where am I going…? Shouldn’t you be dragging me kicking and screaming…?


“Baby Steps”

Remember the book in the movie “What about Bob?” where the shrink writes that progression should happen in these little “baby steps”. While tomarrow will be another one of those baby steps in my life. I have decided (last week) that after a two and a half year break it is now time to resume University, so tomarrow morning I am going to re-enroll. My plan is to go back part-time for the first year then go full time next year and the year after. Finishing in 2010.

Last time I returned I had just become so over-welmed by returning full time from scratch, so that is why I am taking this approch of starting slowly. Also this time I at least have friends that are offering encouragement and support. And a job that I don’t totally hate and still enjoy going to work every day that I can stay at for 3 more years.

So here is to success in “baby steps”.


A Quickie

I guess to compensate for this short post I will post a humorous picture for you, my loyal viewers. This I had made and posted to Facebook a few days ago, when someone question whether or not I really had a barcode scanner. In retrospect it could be considered a metaphor for the way many people on the retail sector think during customer disputes.

And when it comes to disputes I think I have just learned the secret to dealing with a dispute, and thinking back to past experiences I believe this is an actual approach that will always work.

“Never loose the control in a situation”

I think it is that split moment when the control is lost that leads to an escalation. By keeping control, it allows for “Personal Accountability,” keeping the situation in the range where you have control. I think that if you gave a little but have the customer, client, co-working believing that it is better for them to beat there head against a brick wall than challenge you for more, you remain very likely to succeed in your delima. Although key factors in this actually working is, you appear to actually know what you are talking about, you don’t leave time for the other person to actually think about it, and they think you are honest.

Have you ever heard a good reporter that actually get a politician to reveal something, this is really what they do it seems, is keep control. I can confirm this one of the best hosts that I ever had dealt with was Paul Castle from CBC Saint John, when I was running for Mayor. He never for a second gives up control, appears very knowledgeable, and has and honest trusting sound to his voice.


I need a new phone!

Okay so my phone is dying, a very slow death and it is time in my budget to finally get a new one. I’ve been looking for one for that last year it is now been 3 months since my current contract expired. And my battery life is now well under 24 hours. 🙁

Anyways I think I found one that actually does what I need in a phone, e-mail, excel, browse the web, and make phone calls. This one I like because it is easier to type on. The Blackberry Pearl Red.

Also with one of these I could even post to this blog easier than I could with my current phone the Nokia 6620. And I have not been able to find a new battery. The only thing is that I will have to probably wait until September.

The only thing that is not good is that it looks like my very first Cell Phone from back in 2003 the Motorola c333, with the red and silver Roots Face-plate that I had to return in under a week, for an even worse phone the Motorola v66.

I guess that is it for now, seeing that I need to go to work tonight.

Leave comments I really love to read them and wished at times that I would get more of them. If you are reading a RSS of this on Facebook you can leave a reply there too!