Dead or alive…

I was just uptown and thinking about the talk of recent in Saint John about the growth and prosperity about to hit the city. I don’t really want to be a neigh-say-er but I just can’t imagine Saint John ever living up to its potential. The mentality of the people is one of the biggest drawbacks. It is the greatness of the “littlest city” syndrome the keeps the rose colored glasses, from seeing the realities the global economy is going to be in recession very shortly and I feel that the current growth can sustain and are set the repeat the last boom “Urban Renewal” / “Super Block” / Millidgeville / Shopping Centres projects from the 1960’s – early 80’s.

Again another post and another year!

While since it is a new year it just seems different. 2006 was a very bad year as I posted a year ago now that I look back at the posts I made and 2007 went by without many successes or failures. But, now it ’tis 2008. I can’t wait this looks to be the year that every thing seems to be heading to.

This spring there is another one of those municipal elections. Not to say that I would run again seeing as how things are going, but who knows what will happen.

On the political side of things I don’t see me doing much this year as there is still uncertainty as to where I will be come the end of it.

I’m, along with Tony Tompkins are working on a web cast series titled “The Badger Hunter” the editing of the pilot episode is almost done on that and is slated for release on February 29th. We are currently about to begin filming of the second episode.

I’ve been going over some of the code for my photo gallery and seem to have it fixed despite the unknown reason that the background of the main section disappears on FireFox or Safari. So I’m gonna get to adding the few new photos I have taken lately. I might even take more photos soon, need reason to get more active.

I have decided that the Crushed Beautifully series has come to an end, there will not be a third film in the series.

Saint Johners I thought you were smart!

I still think that most of you don’t have a brain in your head sometimes. But, we will see. Come the next election I hope that there will be enough good candidate running in every ward so that we don’t end up like Miramichi.

Doesn’t anyone remember why in 1980 the ward 198 years of a ward system was brought to an end? Because the council was too focused on the day-2-day of the city rather than setting policy and advancing the city forward. We were doing that, this is going to be another nail in the coffin of Saint John. This is going to strip away the progress foreseen in the last 4 years.

The next council is more likely than not going to pit one against the other for; who gets a rink, I want my sidewalks plowed. And attention is diverted away from the future and placed on the present.

The foggy path to…?

It is very peculiar how many opportunities pose themselves all at once and yet you need to make a decision is this the right road, do you go aimlessly strait or do you sit and wait on the trail for a better option to come around then doing nothing.

If you wait that opportunity might come or you might be on a deserted foggy road just waiting to be rained on. Like the old saying “When it rains, it pours.” Is it time to take the diversion from the path and when you do it is always a massive suffocating web, a web so sometimes scary that it is often overwhelming not only in size but in magnitude (I always wanted to use that word in a post).

Right now I am approaching that there are 4 options to the future. All diversions could be challenging, costly, very risky and possible overwhelming, but in the end (I love that phrase too) it could be so overwhelmingly rewarding that words could not describe.

Earlier this week, and last week too I saw “The Nanny Diaries” (CEFM Rating: 4.5/5) which I must recommend as a very rewarding film to see. It is basically the age old story about “Who am I, Really?” and taking a break to dig deep and figure our you destiny. It has now been 5 years and 11 jobs since I decided to take this break, now I am at the point where I feel comfortable and am yet troubled by the yearning to decide in the screenplay that has become my life what comes next. If I were in a book this would be a chapter end point, or maybe the conclusion of the intermission in a great Broadway musical.

Why am I here…? Where am I going…? Shouldn’t you be dragging me kicking and screaming…?

Goals… and the Future.

Okay, so if you know me I really hate people telling that I can’t do something. As an example someone told me that it was too complicated to make a moving background for a TV show, and I did. Someone told me that programming an RTX program required lots of coding that I could not do, I bought a book on VB and within two weeks had a functioning TV Bingo program that basically changed all the dates, and played the animations and that was it. Now my pride in joy pinnacle of accomplishment, the Too Close to Call graphics, is very close to being complete. It pretty much does pretty much everything but a few very advanced features that I am still working on.

While that being said, this week I was told that the fact I am not bilingual was affecting my ability to get a better job. So there for I have now decided that by May 12th, 2008 I will study hard and become bilingual, and that by this summer I will get my Drivers license. So to these ends I have decided to make a webpage called “My Goals” to track my progress.

4 more days!

The conservative national convention next week should be very interesting. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long. I am leaving Saint John on Wednesday and will be returning on Sunday.
I’ve been busy reading all the amendments and there are some I really disagree with but it should be interesting to hear what others think while I am in Montreal.

To finish off I am going to add a letter that I sent around last week about the creation of the Young Conservatives of Canada, which I think with slight amendments in the future should be the best youth program of all the political parties in Canada.


Greetings Fellow Conservatives,

It is difficult to make a decision on this resolution. Clearly option “C” of maintaining the things as they are is not acceptable. It is defiantly very important to have strong youth involvement in the party.

Option “A” of creating a Young Conservatives of Canada seems to be a reasonable proposal and better than option “B”, but has several obvious flaws. The first flaw is that it places the President as a voting member of the National Council, this further diminishes the impact of the provincial elected councilors, and allows an opportunity, although not likely, for someone who is not of voting age to be on the National Council. In addition the age of membership in the Conservative Party of Canada should not be lower than the age of 16.

It also does not promote the communication between campus clubs, and the local EDAs. If option “A” is to be passed it should limit one Young Conservatives of Canada council per electoral district and make an amendment in Electoral District Association constitutions to keep up a spot on the directors for a campus club, starting at the next Annual Meeting, where the place may be filled if an organization does not exist, but does not remove any member as a director until the next annual meeting. If a campus/youth club is formed during the year, they will not hold a directors place until the next general meeting. Also the Campus/Youth organization will be considered a committee of the EDA, to allow for Fundraising, and providing tax receipts under the riding associations.

Charles E. Frees-Melvin
Convention Delegate/Director
Saint John Conservative EDA

Last day of Classes

Wow it finally came the last day of classes. It has been a very long and hard 13 weeks but now I am glad to be through it. I am looking forward to my exams over the next few weeks. I just got paid my first pay so now I HAVE MONEY! again (to pay bills 🙁 )

Also I had my second in-car driving lesson, I think that I am getting better at it then last time.

Also today I am going to start in Radio Shack at McAllister Place for my Rogers Wireless job. I am very excited to work with the people there. Future Shop was great in regards to the people, but there was not a steady flow of customers like I think there will be in the mall.

gtg to my last class MATH1853 so post later.

After the election

Many people have asked me what was it like to run for Mayor of Saint John. The answer was that it was a time of a life time. I was privileged to meet everyone that I did meet. I now have a greater respect for Saint John and the issues about it.

I thought that I knew a lot about Saint John from reading the news, and watching council, and working in the community. There are others that thought I would have been better off running for council, but with the total number of people running, and the fact was there where much better people who were running for council with the knowledge and ability to do this city well.

To be quite honest the councillors that were elected were some of the best of the crop. Out of the 50 there was actually only about 17 that I thought were the best suited for the job and 9 of them were elected.

Now back to the Mayor’s seat. Running for mayor provided me with the best exposure. I was mentioned on the Newspapers, Radio, and appeared on TV. Also, I had many people who would stop and talk to me, about the community. It was well worth the experience. I could have bought advertising, and signs I was not desperately determined to get elected. But by no means was I not trying, I was running with a from my heart campaign and what I thought was best. I honestly don’t respect people the just run for the fame, I believe the you should be able to do the job before applying, and I felt that if elected I could have done an exceptional job at it.

In the future I will run again it may or may not be 2008 but I will be back for more.