As most of you my readers are aware I am a huge WordPress enthusiast. I also like to write about local Saint John affairs too. While I would like to promote a site that is local and very interesting. It is I came across this website as a suggested person to follow. (@barbbarbbarb) This … Continue reading "BarbBarbBarb"

Community Tags

One of the best things of my website and what WordPress is capable of is the Gallery and the tagging. I used to use Gallery2 which was like fighting for the limited benefit. WordPress allows it being so much cleaner. Since a lot is not is not documented well I am going to post my … Continue reading "Community Tags"

Lack of Comments

I have been trying to post a lot more lately. But one thing that greatly concerns me us the lack of good comments lately. Practically everything on this site is open to commenting even the photos and the albums. What’s better is that if you see someone in a photo that you recognize you can … Continue reading "Lack of Comments"

What a year this has been!

I started writing thing on December 29th but researching the links has taken some time, in fact much longer than I thought to find all the links. I have defiantly accomplished a lot this year, looking back this has been the best year in a while. Of the things that stand out as my holy … Continue reading "What a year this has been!"