Trip to Toronto 2

Before I get started about what I did yesterday, what is it with Alcohol trucks this week the beer truck yesterday, and now today a vodka truck over turned in Hamilton.

Anyways I went shopping on Bay St. in the morning yesterday, then went back to my hotel room to drop it off. Then I was heading to the zoo, but then I realized I left my Phone in the hotel room so I did not go to the zoo, but since I was all the way out at the Kennedy Station anyways I took the Scarbough RT subway to the end of the line.

Scarborough really reminds me of Saint John in all reality, there are very few sky rise buildings, lots of trees in the middle of town. The not so crisp smell, and about as clean looking. If I moved to Toronto Scarbrough may be one of the first places I consider.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to visit every subway station. I gave it a break after returning from Kippling station and went for supper at Subway in the entertainment district.

I went to see the musical Evita last night it was an amazing show. I think I am starting to develop a liking to the performing arts. It was very well acted and very well choreographed. I was sitting pretty much in the dead centre of the second balcony in the Prince of Wales Auditorium. It is almost as nice as the Royal Alexandria but lacks the old historic look. I think I might see some more theatre when I return home to Saint John.

After the show I decided to finish the final leg of visiting every subway station. At 11pm exactly I arrived in the final one Downsview. There is a large mall up there that I might go check out tomorrow called the Yorkdale Mall.


Visit to Toronto

Last night I went down to the entertainment district and since I jumped on the wrong direction subway, and then the wrong subway station by one station, I was 5 minutes too late to see a show. Momma Mia is being preformed at the Royal Alexandria and Evita at the Prince of Wales Theatre. So then I browsed the strip of restaurants to find a place to eat, but went a few blocks away to Hooters instead. Once again the food was terrible but I had an incredibly nice waitress named, Autumn. After that I headed back to the Hotel and stopped at the Odeon Cineplex and was told by the beggar out front that Moolaite was a good movie. Well it wasn’t a was so board that a fell asleep during the second half.

I tuned in this morning to Breakfast Television like I normally do and there were two news items I found interesting first was Molson Beer truck flipped over. Then the Parliament vote to get rid of the government.