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  • Harbour Station Community Fair

    Harbour Station Community Fair

    This is the freakout.

    On Wednesday I went to the “Harbour Station Community Fair” with some friends. I really enjoyed the bupper cars but really fairs are still not my thing. I did manage to take some cool streaky cameraphone pic of the evening lights at the rides.

    There were alot of the standard typical rides there:
    Glass House
    Super Slide
    and about 15 other rides.

  • Crushed Beautifully 2

    Crushed Beautifully 2

    After 5 long months of production, I am pleased to announce the release of Crushed Beautifully 2: Crushed and Alone.

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  • Toronto 2007

    Toronto 2007

  • My 2007 25th Birthday

    My 2007 25th Birthday

  • August – September 2005

    August – September 2005

  • Toronto


  • Toronto Zoo

    Toronto Zoo

  • Montreal Conservative Convention

    Montreal Conservative Convention